3 Tools to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Are visitors leaving your website without contacting you?  You might be doing all the right things to get people to your website such as implementing paid search advertising campaigns or applying best SEO practices. But if they are leaving without taking any action, here are some tools that can help you stay in front of them and even reach new audiences to drive leads and lift your marketing efforts.

  1. Encourage Return Visits by Leveraging Retargeting

Retargeting technology displays your ads to website visitors after they leave your site as they surf the web – including on mobile and sites such as Facebook. When your prospect sees your ad, they are likely to return to your website, which brings them closer to a conversion. Retargeting can significantly lift search advertising efforts and help generate more return from your budget.

  1. Drive New Audiences with Lookalike Targeting

Have you ever heard of lookalike audiences? This tool finds new audiences on social networking sites such as Facebook that have similarities to your website visitors. It does this by using features such as their age and gender, location, demographics and interests. This is a great way to create interest with people who may not already be familiar with your business, driving them to visit your website to learn more about your business. Ultimately this results in a conversion at that time or later in the buying process.

  1. Use Live Chat to Engage Website Visitors

Occasionally potential customers will visit your website but hesitate to contact you. It maybe because it’s after hours and they are concerned you might not answer. Or, perhaps they are at work and can’t give you a call. Investing in live chat for your website can solve these problems because it engages your visitors proactively and provides an easier way to have a conversation. If you tend to get a lot of visitors after business hours, you can use a chat service like TotalLiveChat that employs 24-hour agents who can answer basic questions about your business and capture leads that you can follow up with on the following business day.

Drive the leads you want from your marketing by adding additional, cost-effective tactics. This will boost the ROI you achieve from your primary digital marketing strategies. If you’d like some help in getting started, contact us today!


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