3 Ways to Boost Your Search Advertising ROI

3 Ways to Boost your Search Advertising ROI

Search engine advertising is an effective way to reach local prospects online, but how do you effectively measure the success of your campaign? Here are a few tips to get you a bigger return on investment from your digital advertising budget.

Track Conversions and Calls

When you run a search engine advertising campaign, most platforms typically measure how many times your ad was clicked (aka click through rate or CTR). Your campaign can produce a high CTR, but if this is not translating into conversations and conversions, how effective is it? Tracking how many people filled out a contact form or called you from your ad is a more meaningful way of understanding the value of your search advertising efforts.

Understand Call Quality

Listening to recorded calls from your advertising can help you determine the quality of the leads being generated. Are people calling you to make an appointment or inquire about your services? Are they looking for directions or operating hours? Or are they asking basic questions without any real interest in buying? By listening to calls, you can figure out if your ads are truly effective at bringing in actual leads. This will also allow you to prioritise follow-ups and drive more revenue from your ads.

Review and Optimise Your Campaign

In addition to regularly evaluating your campaign performance, it’s important to optimise your campaign. Remember to work with different publishers so your ads can be seen across the web. If you’re only running ads on one search engine (e.g. Google), you’re missing out on a large number of potential customers.

You can use the information you gather from your calls and reports to update your campaign settings, information on your website and ad copy. Are people confused about an offer? Are you getting a lot of calls from people outside your target area? Analyse these insights and optimise elements such as your keywords, targeting, or ad copy – to increase the likelihood of reaching more prospects who will convert into a customer.

Learn more about how you can get you a bigger return on investment from your search advertising and get in touch with us today!


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