8 Things You Didn’t Know Your Website Could Do

Things Your Website Can Do

Your current website may already follow great practices, with features like mobile responsive design, great content, compelling images, social links and contacts, which is great… but do you know what your website is missing? Your site can become a powerful marketing tool that provides you insightful data about your visitors and potential customers, simply by using the right software.

Here are eight powerful lead and call tracking capabilities your website gets with our ReachEdgeTM software.

  1. Tracks which of your marketing sources, such as paid search advertising, SEO, display advertising, social media, directory advertising, and even offline advertising are driving visitors to your website, so you know which sources are performing the best.
  2. Tracks how many of your visitors contact you via phone, email or form so you know how many people take the next step into becoming customers.
  3. Captures detailed information about your contacts such as their name and phone number, so you can easily follow them up.
  4. Captures data such as call data and time of call to make it easier to see when people are contacting you.
  5. Tracks call duration so you know how much time was spent on each call.
  6. Creates a lead list so you can manage and follow up on new customers.
  7. Records calls that come from your marketing, which will help you assess each prospect’s needs and how well your staff handle calls.
  8. Provides and easy-to-read lead source report that shows you what percentage of your leads came from which sources at a glance.

To learn more about how ReachEdge enables your website to track calls and leads and shows you how your marketing is working watch this video:



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