Can Social Media Drive Sales? True Value of Social Media

Social Media Driving Sales

The value of social media has long been debated, and will continue to be a topic of interest for small businesses. Does the investment in Social Media give better results than conventional forms of marketing?  While there are many paid opportunities on Facebook and Twitter, social-savvy businesses are finding many ways to benefit from the “free” value that these channels deliver through direct customer engagement and sharing.

Sharing Drives Traffic

Social media is used by businesses to drive traffic, with a single share resulting in nine additional visits on average. Twitter leads this trend with one share generating on average 38 additional visits, while LinkedIn averaged 11 visits per share and Facebook averaged 7 visits per share.

Twitter is the Most Effective Channel in Australia

Over the past two years, Twitters influence has continued to increase. Compared to Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter delivers on average two to four times more page views and revenue in Australia.

This may be due to Twitter having lower infiltration than Facebook currently in Australia. This means that your Twitter feeds are less cluttered and there are more opportunities to actually read posts by others. The 140 character limit on Twitter is also a great driver of traffic, as you have to get your point across in a smaller space.  Facebook on the other hand has higher saturation, so our newsfeeds are generally more cluttered, making it easier to miss posts. Facebook posts are also generally longer, allowing people to post more information.

Social Media Loves Social Events

Social media is particularly helpful in promoting social events like networking and entertainment events, conferences, and seminars. The power of social media really comes through as people want to share their experiences with others. Social media is a great marketing channel for anyone organising an event as it allows you to create excitement and interest. It is also useful for keeping in touch with people that you meet at events who could help your business in the future.

Sharing Made Easy

A small business should never underestimate the power of social media, and how its speed and connectivity can drive customer engagement and sales. To be able to do this, businesses need to make it easy for their customers to share exciting stories, news, products and purchases across their social networks – with a single click on any device.



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