Why Are Online Reviews Important?

Why are online reviews important to your business?

By ReachLocal ANZ Digital Marketing Consultant, Garry Mautner.    How many times have I heard this?  “No, it’s okay. All of our business comes through word-of-mouth and referrals. We don’t need any help with online marketing, thanks.”  Let’s take a step back and think about this a bit more. Is there anything we do these days, where we don’t read online reviews?    You’re planning a birthday surprise for your significant other. You know you’re under pressure to do better than last year, because that sad excuse of a hotel (in the middle of the sticks, with a


5 Ways to Get More Online Reviews

5 Ways to Get More Online Reviews | ReachLocal

Whether it’s choosing a restaurant or deciding on which movie to watch, we frequently turn to online reviews to help us make decisions. Thanks to the internet, we are now more informed and empowered by leaving reviews on business sites, search engines and social media. In fact, 90% customers read online reviews before making any buying decisions – completely changing the way we purchase products and services. Customer reviews are extremely influential in helping to increase your sales. They are one of the best ways to get


How Can I Improve My Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

How Can I Improve My SEO

Now that you know more about what search engine optimisation is, here are a few tips on how you can improve your SEO! There are a large number of factors that contribute to whether your site is shown or shafted.       Although there are far too many to delve into here, let’s cover off some of the basic starting points when integrating an SEO strategy.  [For a more intensive overview see REACHSEO ‘How It Works’.]    #1 Research  Before you can even think about getting started with SEO, you


[Infographic] Create a Powerful LinkedIn Company Page

Create a Powerful LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the most significant and extensive business network on the planet. Your business should be using it to build relationships, establish thought leadership, improve your reputation and build a solid online community. Here are seven easy to follow tips from ReachLocal’s marketing experts on how to create a powerful LinkedIn company page for your business.    


3 Easy Tips for Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Consumers are largely flocking to online sources to leave feedback about businesses. Whether that’s leaving your business a review on sites like TrueLocal, commenting on your business’s Facebook page, or providing feedback on a local listing site, it’s important to know what customers (and prospects) are saying about you online. Here are three easy tips for being aware of your online reputation and taking the next steps to improve your overall web presence. Get Google Alerts Each time your business


6 Tips for Managing Negative Complaints

While no business enjoys receiving negative complaints, dealing with these issues is something every business needs to be equipped to do. These six tips can help you address unsatisfied customers in a professional manner. 1. Identify the Underlying Problem & Promptly Respond Some reviews or comments can come across as accusatory and highly critical. Whether it be poor service, defective merchandise, or a rude employee, determining and fixing the root of a complaint can help resolve the issue faster. Additionally,


[Video] Outperform Your Competitors Online: 5 Ways to Shine

Outshine Your Competitors: 5 Tips | ReachLocal

Do you want to rise above and outshine your online competition? Today, shoppers rely on search results and reviews to make purchasing decisions and to find new businesses. That’s why it is important for your business to stand out from your competitors online. Take full control of your online presence by implementing a total digital marketing strategy. This will help your business outperform your competitors on search engine result pages, directory listings, social media sites, and other places across the


Manage Your Online Reviews With These 5 Handy Tips

Do you know exactly what’s being said about your business online? When it comes to managing your online reviews this is a great place to start. If you’re looking to face your reputation head-on and drive positive reviews while managing negative ones better, we’ve put together this list of five tips. 1) Start With The Basics Know what’s being said about you online whether it is positive or negative. Identify keywords that are used to search for your products/services, industry


5 Ways for Your Business to Improve Online Customer Experience

Did you know poor customer service is estimated to be costing Australian Business $122 billion a year? Customer service is much more than the final transaction between your business and customers. Your customers are engaging with you online – whether it’s through your ads, website or social media channels. So what is the online customer experience like and how can you leverage it for your business? Here are five things you can do to help provide a positive online experience


Transform Your Customer Service with These Three Tips

Transform your Customer Service with These 3 Tips

You’re watching the Season Finale of Game of Thrones, and you’re minutes away from a huge plot twist, but suddenly, your internet cuts out! Frustrated, you call your internet provider and explain your situation. The customer service representative is super helpful and gets your connection back up in time to watch the end of the episode. Phew, that was quick and easy! Now imagine if you call up your internet provider and the representative has no desire to understand your