Does Your Business Provide Winning Digital Customer Service?

Winning Digital Customer Service

In today’s digital world customer service goes beyond the face-to-face interactions you have with your customers. The internet is a valuable resource for small-to-medium businesses to easily and effectively engage with their customers. Here are five tips to help build and maintain great online customer service:

1. Be Accessible

Having a phone number for customer assistance is great, but it’s not enough. Setting up a Facebook page, Twitter profile and LinkedIn site is quick and easy, and it doesn’t cost anything! Having these additional forums to connect allows you to be open for business around the clock and is also great for customer feedback. These details make your customer’s life easier, and will help keep them happy and loyal.

2. Collect Your Customer’s Data

Capturing relevant data or keeping a digital record of your customer’s names, emails, and postal addresses can be very useful. This information can be used to keep track of the peak times for your business, what devices customers are using to find your business, and how they are finding you online. From this information, you can send personalised emails to customers, which will encourage them to go back to your website and continue to engage with your business.

3. Respond Quickly

Your business’ contact information should be present on all of your websites pages so that it’s easy for your customers to get in touch with you, and it is even more important that you respond to them quickly. Many customers require an immediate response; otherwise they will look for other businesses. Evaluate your processes and find a way to reduce email response and phone hold times.

4. Embrace Technology

For SMEs, it can be difficult and costly to set-up a customer contact system. TotalLive Chat is a ReachLocal software tool that gives visitors to your website an opportunity to chat and ask questions about your products and services 24/7. It’s great for making a friendly first impression with new customers who do not know much about your business. As a result, it will assist in generating more enquiries that are likely to turn into sales. TotalLive Chat is an easy-to-install program backed by a team of live chat specialists who monitor your site and use a customised script to fulfill the queries of your customers.


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