Does Your Website Track Conversions? Now It Can!

ReachEdge Website Conversion Software

When it comes to attracting leads, your business website could have all the right features, your social media profiles are ready, and you’re posting relevant content to these social media profiles and your website that your customers can view and share with others. You’re optimising your local listings so that you get discovered in local and organic searches, you’ve even launched online search, display, and retargeting campaigns across the web to get more visitors to your website.

The next step you should take is to know which of these online marketing strategies are the most cost-effective at getting visits to your website, and leads and customers for your business. With an accurate view of the ROI from each of your marketing sources, you can make sure you are spending on the areas that will get your business the best possible results. It is possible to track how many leads each online activity drives to your website by yourself, however, regularly assessing the data of every lead-generating tactic and comparing it against the other types of marketing you are doing can be complex and time-consuming.

ReachEdge is an easy solution when it comes to tracking leads and customer conversions on your website. It is an integrated marketing software solution made of a smart website, lead management software, and a mobile app does this automatically so businesses can finally see their ROI from all their marketing efforts.

Here’s how ReachEdge helps you know the sources of your leads so you can make better decisions about your online marketing.

1. Captures Every Contact from Your Website

ReachEdge offers a smart website which is optimised to capture every conversion, such as phone calls, form submissions, and emails. This website is designed to help encourage visitors to contact you, and once they do, it ads their name and information to your contact list. Additionally, it provides real-time alerts on your mobile phone so you don’t miss any new contacts, allowing you to quickly follow them up, helping turn them into a customer.

2. Smart Website Tracks the Source of Your Leads

ReachEdge’s technology works by swapping out your phone number based on which marketing source consumers clicked on to visit your site, whether it be a display ad, search ad, organic link, or social media site. With this, you will always know which of your online marketing tactics are working with this lead-tracking technology.

3. Shows You Results Via Web and Mobile

ReachEdge offers data-rich reporting via mobile and desktop platforms. These reports detail the amount of calls, emails, and web forms your marketing sources generate. You are also able to see which sources are the most effective at bringing you leads and customers.

Having a complete picture of your lead generation tactics is essential to determining your marketing ROI and empowers you to make the best decisions regarding your marketing spend.



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