How Can I Attract New Customers to My Business?

You’ve just opened a new business, and you need customers quick-smart. Where do you start? The world of marketing strategy can seem complicated when you’re dipping your toe in the water, but here are a few tips on how you can focus on bringing brand new customers to your business.


#1 Be where your ideal clients are looking  

The key to any kind of brand new business is doing your research 

Take a moment to brainstorm who your ideal customer is. (Generating some buyer personas could be very useful here). Where do they get their information from? Where do they shop? What kind of demographic do they fit into? Once you answer some of these questions, make sure that you’re advertising in the right places so that these ideal customers can find you. 

Visibility is the first step to finding new customers. This means that search ads (search engine marketing campaigns) are a really good place to start, by having your brand ‘pop’ for the right keywords and searches. 


#2 Get people’s attention with video!  

Video content, including Facebook Live, is a trend that has taken digital marketing by storm. Dare to be brave and get yourself in front of the camera! 

Create something humorous or touching that will get you noticed and leave a lasting impression on your audiences. Most importantly, create content that a viewer would be inspired to share. 

If you’re an existing business that’s looking to reach newer, wider audiences – this is also a really good way to encourage current customers to share your content with other people in their network. 

For some more tips on how to make video content work for you, check out our on blog on ‘Video Advertising – A Helpful How-To’ 


#3 Timing  

Is your product or service seasonal? Identify if there are any trends that correlate between your offering and certain times of the year! 

For example, if your business sells pools, you may ramp up your marketing in Winter months in preparation for Summer.  

Additionally, reflect on what stage of the customer journey the client should ideally be in when they contact you. 

Say you own a veterinary clinic, you would ideally want to capture customers who have only just bought a pet, as this is when they begin their search for a regular vet for their newest addition to the family.  

Think about how you could capture new buyers specifically in this stage – perhaps partnering with a pet-store or a breeder to become their go-to referral for when a new pet is bought! 


#4 Diversify your services  

Look into investing in or partnering with other services that are complimentary to your own. 

Think about what other products, services, events and media your ideal customers might be consuming and how you can tap into these networks. 

Following on from the point above, a veterinary clinic could broaden their services to include, pet grooming, pet-minding/kennels, dog-walking and so on.  

Of course, not all businesses will have the capacity or interest in investing in all these extra elements, which is why partnering with other businesses can be very valuable in generating new customers and making them more likely to ‘stick’ with you. 


#5 Have a hook  

Running promotions online is a great way to get attention – this could be in the form of a new-client discount or a prize! Facebook and Instagram competitions are becoming incredibly popular ways of raising brand awareness, and it’s because they work! 

Posting about these on social media will enable you to engage en masse and allow people to share your page, content and promotional material. 

Give new customers a reason to visit your page and your business by offering value. The hook will get the new business through the door, quality service and offerings are what will help you retain them. 


Want to know more about how to generate new leads for your business? Get in touch with one of our Digital Marketing Consultants today! 


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Lisa-Marie Long

Lisa-Marie is a resident Jane-of-all-trades with an avid interest in Content and Services Marketing. She currently works as a Sales & Marketing Specialist and Office Manager for ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand, newly heading up blog content. When Lisa-Marie is off the clock, she's still a very busy bee, spending her time performing in musical theatre (*jazz hands*) and teaching English.

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