How Important is a Mobile Presence to Your Business?

How Important Is Mobile To Your Business

Here’s a scenario:

You’ve had a troublesome tooth for the last week but you hope it’s just an ache that will pass. It doesn’t. Who has time to go to the dentist? – You think. Between important meetings, picking up the kids and fitting in a quick gym session there’s never really a great time for the dentist. But, the pain is unbearable.

So, between rushing from one place to another you do a quick search on your mobile phone to look for a local dentist. Luckily, there’s one just around the corner from your office. They’ve got an empty slot for tomorrow at lunch time. Within minutes you’re booked! In a week’s time you would have forgotten there was ever a toothache that was intruding in your busy life and schedule.

Now imagine –
..what would happen if this dentist, the one you walk past every day to get your morning coffee, didn’t invest in mobile marketing? Firstly, you’d be stuck with your painful tooth a little longer. You’d find another, perhaps less convenient dentist, and in a week’s time you’d be getting on with your life as you would have in the above scenario.

But what would happen to the dentist that didn’t optimise their brand for mobile? They would have never showed up in the search results on your phone. As a result, they would have lost out on your business. In fact they would lose out on the business of other locals and workers who were also searching for a nearby dentist on their phone.

This is not only the case for dentists but also applies for businesses in home improvement, health care, law firms and other location specific industries. Think about the number of times you’ve looked up a nearby business or a product on your phone. You’re not the only one – In Australia 90% of smartphone users search for local information via their phone.*

Statistics show that during 2015 mobile digital media has become significantly higher compared to desktop, making it clear that if a business is not able to reach its audience through mobile search or isn’t providing a good mobile experience the business could be on sales.

If your business doesn’t have a mobile presence it’s more important than ever to think local and act mobile! You can start building this presence by creating a Google My Business page, get involved in social media marketing and making sure your website is mobile-friendly. Location specific searches are playing a huge role in a time-poor world, where consumers are conducting searches while they are on the go. Give your business every chance it needs to keep up and be found.

If you’d like to find out how we can assist you in increasing your mobile presence through search engine advertising, SEO, retargeting and lead tracking get in touch with our friendly team.

*Google – Our Mobile Planet Report


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