How To Get More Out Of Seasonal Promotions & Offers: Easy to follow checklist to ensure you’re in season.

Special Offer Breaking Floor

When you’ve invested in the time and effort to come up with an attention-grabbing promotion or special offer, then you want to make sure that your target audience sees it. Regardless of the type of promotion or offer, it is important that you set a multi-touch campaign strategy to promote your offer across all points of the buyer cycle.

1. Social Media
Create buzz across your social media networks to generate some interest in your promotion or offer. A starting point could be to upload your offer on Facebook Offers and then boost the post to your followers or a specific target to ensure that your offer is seen. Then, rally up interest on other social hubs such as Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. You can either promote the Facebook Offer to drive them back to the site. Or, you could provide alternate methods to obtaining the offer, dependent on the social site of which they’re affiliated with. This will help you to understand exactly where you audience is most active.


2. Search Engine Advertising or PPC
Run a PPC campaign on the top search engines and modify the list to include seasonal terms related to your special offer or promotion. For example “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer Pizza” in the terms will ensure that your sponsored ad shows up for those searches.


3. Search Engine Optimisation Elements – Meta-tagging
Create a one-pager on your website to promote your special offer. And ensure that the page name reflects the offer, and the correct tags are attributed to the page to enhance organic visibility on search engines.


4. Retargeting
Run a short display retargeting campaign for the period of your promotion or offer to build brand awareness and keep your offer front of mind. Also ensure that you add in the terms related to your offer or promotion so that you appear when relevant. When it comes to the design of the banners, make sure that you have a dominant call to action, clear visibility on the offer at hand and a method to contact you.


5. Deals Websites
It may be worthwhile listing your offer or promotion on deals websites to further gain visibility across in the market. But remember to carefully think about the pros and cons to deals websites such as Groupon, not only on the financial side of things but the impact that it may have on your brand.


6. Print – Pamphlets, Shop-a-dockets, Local Newspaper, Direct Mail
Consider printing out the offer or promotion in your local newspaper, shop-a-dockets and pamphlets to hand out in the mall or even drop off to letterboxes.


7. SMS Marketing
If you have a marketing database handy complete with phone numbers, then it might be worthwhile investing in SMS marketing to immediately prompt your customers of the limited offer or promotion. Just remember to make sure that you have the explicit consent from your customer to contact them via phone with offers or promotions.


8. Email Marketing
Think about sending out an engaging email to your subscribers and customers with enticing subject lines, imagery and quick call to action. Be wary of recommended subject lines and avoid using words such as ‘free’ or ‘offer’ as email bots may consider your email to be spam.


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