Marketing Tips for Your Business This Holiday Season

Here are a few of our marketing tips to help your local business have a successful holiday season.

Ask Your Customers for Feedback

By asking your customers for feedback about your products/services and customer experience, you are engaging with them in a meaningful way. Questions like these let your customers know that you care what they think and also provide you with insights into what consumers want or expect from your business. Remember to review the feedback and use it in a constructive way. It could be great for building out strategies for improving your business in the New Year.

Be Active on Social Media

Keeping your social media accounts active may not seem like a priority, but social media is an effective and important way to communicate with your customers during the Christmas season. Planning and scheduling out your posts will assist in sharing content that grabs attention such as colourful images, questions, offers and helpful tips that your audience will find interesting. Keeping your platforms active will help boost engagement, allowing you to build strong relationships and brand presence.

Make Sure Mobile Consumers Can Find Your Business

Is your website mobile responsive? With more people doing their Christmas shopping using a mobile device or tablet, you want them to have a seamless experience when they click on your website or ads. Make sure you lead visitors to a website that is mobile responsive to give them a full view of your business, services and offers.

Claim and Optimise Local Listings

Are your local listings accurate and updated? Searchers are using this information to find you both online and at your physical location, especially at this time of the year. Having incorrect information on listing sites can mean that when customers are spending time looking up your business, you could be directing them to an incorrect address or phone number. Don’t forget to share your holiday operating hours. Accurate and consistent details across these listings can also boost your visibly and performance on different types of search results.

Get into the Holiday Spirit

Embrace the holidays by creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for your customers, fans, and followers. Decorate your storefront or your social media channels, give out seasonal treats, and create some fun holiday promotions. Online, you can dress up your presence by posting holiday-themed photos, extended holiday hours and special holiday offers that can be redeemed via your website or in person.

Thank Your Customers

It’s always nice to thank your customers, and the holidays are the perfect time to do it. Whether it is thanking them with handwritten cards or with offers and promotions, you want your customers to feel appreciated and keep your business top-of-mind when they’re making purchasing decisions during the holidays and in the New Year too!

How is your local business preparing for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below, and keep up with us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more marketing tips to make this season a success!


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