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Total Live Chat

Have you seen a website with a chat box appear on the home page asking if you have any questions? Would you like to have this cool live chat feature on your businesses website, but you’re not sure about whether your budget can allow it? Well, it’s easier to get and cheaper than you think!

Many small businesses invest in online advertising strategies, such as social media marketing and search engine advertising to direct visitors to their site, and convert them into customers. Once they are there, it can be difficult to keep those visitors on the site and encourage them to explore the products and services offered by the business.

TotalLiveChat is an exciting software program that encourages your online customers to chat and ask questions about products and services. It is a great tool for making a friendly first impression with new customers who do not know much about your business. As a result it will assist in generating more enquiries that are likely to turn into sales. TotalLiveChat is an easy-to-install program backed by a team of live chat specialists who monitor your site 24/7, and use a customised script to fulfil the queries of your customers.

For a small business, it is important that there are multiple ways your customers can contact you, and having an alternative way in which they are able to contact you is necessary for staying ahead of your competitors. Sometimes having an email or phone number is not enough, particularly if the customer wants to reach you outside of operating hours. The use of live chat on your website provides an easy on-the-spot way for customers to be informed about the products and services of the website, and ask any questions they have, which can be answered instantly in real-time.

What are the Benefits of Adding our Live Chat Solution to Your Website?

Immediately Engage Customers – TotalLiveChat has agents monitoring your website who are ready to engage with your customers, and provide a positive communication experience. These agents collect contact information about the customers, and the products and services they are interested in, making it easy for you to follow them up. Additionally, live chat enables customers to connect with the business outside of normal working hours, which can be beneficial to your customers.

Improved Customer Experience – Live chat allows your customers to immediately connect with your business, whether it is an enquiry about the business’s products and services, hours of operation, or location, which can drive the customer closer to a sale. By also having this alternative, the customer will leave with a positive impression of the business, and is likely to feel confident about leaving some of their contact information so that they can be followed up.

Affordable Solution – Many live chat solutions provide a pay-per-lead model, which means you only pay for qualified leads obtained via the chat, and you don’t pay for visitors who leave the chat without providing relevant contact information.

Track and Report Leads – After the chat has ended, and all relevant contact information is collected, you receive an email summary of the conversation. Any calls engaged during the chat will be noted in the summary email, and the call will be tracked in the platform. We then provide a comprehensive report about each lead obtained.

If you would like more information about TotalLiveChat, or are considering it for your business website, check out ReachLocal Australia’s website.


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