Our Predictions: Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

2019 is going to be an exciting year, with lots to offer to SMEs and marketers. We have closely observed some of the emerging trends that are essential to digital marketing to help increase the effectiveness of work in this space.  

Below we have outlined some of the reoccurring trends from 2018 that will see significant progress this year.  

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it:

Voice search is continuing to rise! 

Throughout 2018, voice devices from three tech giants have gained popularity in the markets – Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod. 

Voice search is steadily cementing its place in homes and work areas and becoming the way of the future. The rise is apparent, with consumers easily adapting these devices in their daily life.  

These smart speakers are great for when you are multitasking and looking to find “the best Italian restaurant” or “a local plumbing service” in your area. Consumers prefer to speak rather than type, which makes it easier, faster and therefore, more convenient.   

57% of Australians are using voice search and that number is likely to increase this year. It’s predicted that the voice recognition business will go up to $40 billion by 2022Marketers need to optimise their SEO and content strategies to include conversational queries i.e. long-tail keywords to stay ahead of their competitors.  

Invest in Chatbots! 

When people are looking for instant information without having to wait – a Chatbot is the answer! 

Chatbots are robotic software that imitates human-like conversation through text chats or voice commands. As years go by, Chatbots are getting smarter in their interaction with humans, thanks to AI.  

They are great at answering open questions, and since they are available 24/7, Chatbots are great at giving a basic level of customer service, almost immediately, and eradicate long waiting time to get an answer from an actual person.   

80% of businesses claim they are already using or looking at implementing Chatbots in their strategy by 2020. By 2025 Chatbot demand is expected to reach $1.23 Billion, and by 2019, 25% of the world’s population (1.75 Billion) will be using mobile messaging apps.  

Chatbots can be integrated within a website, an application and even on social media platforms. 

Video Solutions will rule 2019! 

Cisco had predicted that by 2019, 80% of all web traffic will come from video content, and we agree. We predict video content is going to be at its peak this year. Yes, we have seen a significant rise of videos in the digital landscape.   

Whether it’s Facebook Live videos, Instagram Stories, Snapchat or YouTube – social media is a big push leading the expansion of video content.   

Today’s audience is more receptive to visual content than text. Next time when you’re using public transport, observe people around you, most of them are on their phones, and half of them are watching some form of video. What does this mean? Unfortunately, (yes, it is) people are less likely to read long captions. Why? Because videos draw you in, provide a narrative, and drives instant engagement.   

How does video improve your marketing?  

Our bet is, videos are rocking all the way! So, grab a camera and bring your brand’s message alive through video. If you can allocate a reasonable budget, you can create sophisticated content for even greater effect.   

Tell a story!

Instagram Stories are everywhere!  

Who all is watching them? Everyone! There are over one billion users on Instagram and 400 million daily users of stories.  

Instagram Stories have advanced over the past couple of years, giving the opportunity for users to create exciting visual narratives using a range of features such as emojis, gifs, creative fonts, filters and much more. You can get as creative as you want with your storytelling.   

Stories are easy to watch, they are captivating and impromptu. Stories are predominantly used for day-to-day sharing, important moments, out-of-the-ordinary events, and as a quick way to spread news.  

So how are Instagram Stories a rising trend in 2019?  From 400 million accounts using Instagram Stories, one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses, which means there is a great scope for businesses to incorporate stories as part of their marketing strategy.  

Instagram stories can consist of a single still shot or video in a vertical format, and because these stories can be viewed full screen, it captures viewer’s attention immediately.  

Instagram stories performance measurements are easily broken down within the app itself, making ROI extremely transparent, and easy to comprehend.  

Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing!

Artificial intelligence might take over the world! Well, maybe not just yet. But considering voice search and Chatbots are both AI related trends, the future is AI. 

Another AI trend that cannot be overlooked is, advanced data processing. Currently, we are collecting data at a rapid speed and this is just the beginning.  

AI data is key to marketing as it helps analyse consumer behaviour, keyword searches, trends, search patterns from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how users and customers find their products and services.  

Data collection is growing this year and we predict that 2019 is the year for marketers to start leveraging AI. 

We hope these predictions will help you stay ahead of the curve.


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Dhwani Dave

Dhwani is a Public Relations and Marketing enthusiast who has a natural knack for creating strong content and strategies. Currently she works as a Marketing and Communications Specialist for ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand, looking after both internal and external communications. When she's not busy promoting our brand, she's actively promoting life on Instagram, making short singing videos, enjoying yum cha, planning getaways and exploring the city's best cafes.

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    As the new year is approaching, it is important to be ready with new strategies. Social media is the best option for promoting our products and reach potential audiences in a short time. These trends you mentioned in your article, will help to skyrocket business in more effective way.

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    As the new year is approaching, it is important to be ready with new strategies. Social media is the best option for promoting our products and reach potential audiences in a short time. These trends you mentioned in your article, will help to skyrocket business in more effective way.

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