Quality Score: Why It Matters for Your PPC Campaigns

When it comes to your Quality Score, do you know where your business stands? You may be wondering what is Quality Score and how does it impact online advertising efforts?

To refresh your memory, Quality Score is a score Google assigns your ads based on their relevance to consumers. It takes your clickthrough rates, landing pages, and ad relevance into consideration when giving your ad a 1-10 rating.

If you’re wondering why your Quality Score matters, read these three reasons:

  1. It Can Reduce Your Cost Per Click

Paying attention to your Quality Score can help you minimise your cost per click, or the amount you pay for a click on your ad. Google rewards campaigns that provide a good experience for their customers. This is done by having highly relevant ads, keywords, and landing pages which allow you to get more clicks on your ad for your budget.

  1. Your Ad Rank Can Improve

Your Ad Rank is determined by Google, and your Quality Score plays a part in how Google decides to rank your ad. It’s possible your ad will not show up on result pages if you have a poor Quality Score. However, a high Quality Score generally means better placement for your ad for a given query. This is important for getting good quality clicks on your ad, which is a great way to increase leads.

  1. Encourages a Positive Customer Experience

Google encourages their AdWords advertisers to provide the best experience for their customers. Since Quality Score is based on factors that are best for customers, advertisers who comply with Google’s guidelines may be rewarded with a higher score and better Ad Rank.

Managing your digital marketing campaigns can become quite confusing. At ReachLocal, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent Quality Scores. You can learn more about our partnership with Google and our dedication to quality on our website.


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