ReachEdge – An Innovative and Award Winning Technology

Here at ReachLocal we understand that businesses are using more and more online channels and strategies in order to be discovered by potential customers. It has become increasingly important to recognise which online activities are working to drive more enquiries to your business.

We have developed a product to do just that!

ReachEdge is our easy-to-use lead tracking and conversion software designed to give you exactly what you need to convert more customers and get the most out of all your digital marketing.
Steven Prestidge, General Manager at ReachLocal said, “Businesses owners often feel they spend lots of time and money but don’t actually know how effective their marketing is and wish they could have simple tools to analyse their channels to have a better understanding of what was actually working for them.”

A recent report by BIA Kelsey validated this notion by sharing that more than 70% of SMEs utilise over 10 different types of marketing. By listening to the challenges faced by our clients and understanding their needs through our years of experience helping businesses with their online marketing we developed ReachEdge. It has been specifically designed to assist businesses in measuring their entire marketing and web performance, and allows decision-makers to easily make data-driven marketing assessments to acquire more customers. ReachEdge works with a business’s website and digital advertising efforts to identify the leads or calls that come in from SEO, Social Media, directories, display and other sources. With our software, local businesses can now track, capture, nurture and convert leads from their marketing sources.

ReachEdge will give you access to real-time insights into the performance of your marketing channels and will allow you to identify if you are investing in the right digital marketing activities to drive more customers to your business. One function of the ReachEdge software worth highlighting is its enhanced and streamlined mobile app that now makes it easier than ever for you to receive lead notifications and assign follow-up sales activities on your mobile devices. We know time is precious for business owners and that you should be able to track the performance of your campaigns on-the-go, at any time.

Award Winning Software

ReachLocal Australia & New Zealand recently received the 2014 Google AdWords Premier SME Partner Innovation Award for ReachEdge; specifically for its exceptional innovation in data driven marketing. The Google AdWords Premier SME Partner Program (PSP) connects Google’s trusted and experienced AdWords partners with small- and medium-sized businesses that want expert help in creating, managing and optimising their online advertising campaigns.

“We are excited to launch the Google AdWords Premier SME Partner program with hand-picked, highly qualified companies like ReachLocal,” said James Sanders, head of Google’s APAC Channel Sales partnerships. “Small- and medium-sized businesses will not only benefit from ReachLocal’s in-depth training, but from their years of experience in the local market.”

ReachLocal is honoured to be a part of the Premier SME Partners Program as we are required to meet Google’s highest standards and criteria for qualification, transparency, and customer service, which includes completing extensive Google product and account management training.

To be granted the ‘Premier SME Partner Innovation Award’ for ReachEdge is a top achievement for our business and reinforces that we strive to bring to you the very best of products in our market. Simon Clarkson, our General Manager for Client Engagement in Australia & New Zealand, states that “our goal has always been to help our clients grow their business and ReachEdge will play an important part in helping our customers achieve that.”

Our new and sophisticated technology gained recognition for its ability to track and optimise your web performance and use data-driven marketing to grow your business all with the support of our ReachLocal team.

The goal of ReachEdge is to make online marketing more transparent, accessible and easier to understand. Ultimately this product allows you to get the most out of your marketing budget resulting in a well-informed, smarter marketing journey.


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