ReachLocal ANZ Wins Bing Channel Partner of the Year

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft has awarded us APAC Channel Partner of the Year as part of this year’s Bing Partner Awards. This recognition follows our win in 2017 as Rising Star Partner of the Year. The awards honour individuals and organisations behind some of the most impactful, innovative and performance-driven work from Bing Ads’ Partners in North America, Europe and APAC.

ReachLocal is recognised for its Channel Partner work as all our campaigns are automatically set up with Bing Ads to allow our customers to dominate the Search Engine Marketing space and achieve the best Cost-per-Lead (CPL) possible. As a SMB Elite Partner in the Bing Partner Program, we are part of a select group of top-performing partners to act as trusted advisors to our growing customer base for search advertising opportunities with the Bing Network. This enables us to enhance the expertise and service provided to customers through exclusive access to training, marketing and technology development.

At ReachLocal, we have successfully been offering choice and increased levels of ROI to our search advertising customers thanks to our partnership with Bing. With Microsoft’s search advertising revenue growth of over 24% YOY in FY17, our ongoing cooperation will undoubtedly bring increased business opportunity for both our clients and our business.

“We are continuing our expansion of local search advertising through Bing Ads, directly in line with Bing’s global growth,” said Mark Avedissian, Managing Director of ReachLocal Australia & New Zealand. “Clients such as Rheem have witnessed a significant increase in both performance and ROI for campaigns managed by ReachLocal with Bing Ads. We see performance improvement across all our clients who compliment their digital search strategy with Bing Ads. It is our mission to be THE Trusted Advisor to our clients and get them access to the top professionals in the industry to help them achieve their goals.”

“We’ve been working with ReachLocal as our Digital Marketing Partner since 2011 and are excited about the results they’ve delivered,” said Shane Currie, Product Manager at Rheem Australia. “2017 was another strong year for us and we’ve recorded a significantly increased number of leads than in 2016. The benefits for us advertising on Bing are a lower CPC (Cost-per-Click) and CPL (Cost-per-Lead) compared to other publishers. Plus, thanks to our Bing campaigns we are accessing a different demographic which helps us cover a wider market.”

Across APAC in 2017, ReachLocal used Bing in 1,200 campaigns for 6,600 cycles (a cycle is approximately 30 days). Through this, we generated 29 million unique impressions for our clients, driving approximately 860,000 clicks and nearly 30,000 calls. Bing Ads are integrated into ReachLocal’s patented Conversion-Based Optimisation Technology, which works to get clients the best CPL. Bing Ads help us to create the best ROI Search Engine Marketing solution to dominate the market.

“We are pleased to recognise ReachLocal’s work with the APAC Channel Partner of the Year Award as part of our Bing Partner Awards,” said Steve Sirich, General Manager of Bing Ads. “This award celebrates the successful, innovative and inspiring work from our global Bing Partner Program, and the results appreciated by our partners and their customers. Congratulations on your success and this achievement.”

For more details about ReachLocal’s Search Engine Marketing Solution, please visit here.



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