ReachLocal Attends the Google Partner’s Masterclass

Earlier this week our ReachLocal Melbourne and Brisbane offices spent an afternoon at the Google Partner’s Masterclass.

A bit about the event:

Masterclass brings together the latest and most important AdWords and Analytics updates, as well as advanced digital marketing tips and techniques.

Here’s what our teams learnt and took away from the day:

  • The Google Masterclass was a great day out. Good to get some insights into the ever changing landscape of Search. It was interesting to see the data on expanded text ads. It was also insightful to deep dive into the data around campaign budgets – Scott Knights
  • One thing I did take away is that sometimes we lose clients and wonder why, when their campaign may be receiving great results. The reasons they mentioned were around little things that make a huge impact, such as:

    – Not turning up late to meetings/ valuing their time
    – Touching base and checking in regularly – not set and forget
    – Building and nurturing relationshipsAll these things are just as valuable as delivering leads/enquiries that give a client ROI  –  Lana Centofanti
  • An amazing event and spread was put on by Google. It was an awesome opportunity to get some insights into product developments and real life examples of agency implementation of both successful and unsuccessful strategy  – Corbin Bristol
  • Google’s Masterclass Melbourne was a fun conference with some great insights into the current state and next steps on their agenda.  One thing I found interesting was their data and insights on the effect of having good organic presence combined with paid search. When does paid search cannibalise organic results, and what is the net result? It was interesting to see that with ‘non-branded’ queries the clear trend was for an increased organic click-thru-rate (CTR) when PPC was also shown. With ‘branded’ queries organic cannibalisation occurs as expected, but there is such a dramatic increase in the PPC queries often resulting in an overall net increase in branded leads  – Craig Wilson
  • It is always vital to keep our knowledge up in such a fast paced industry. Definitely some insights into new ways of thinking in digital that we can share with our customers so we can all be ahead of our competitors as well as our customers competitors! – Emma Kendrick
  • Had a great time at the Masterclass. It was fun to get out of the office and learn some new things about the industry from Google’s mouth directly. Looking forward to the next one, they really know how to put on a spread. – Cameron Perkins

It was a great opportunity for our teams to get the latest and most important AdWords updates, as well as master using data to drive performance for our clients.


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