ROI Series: Part 3 – Get Real Results From Your SEO

Get Real Results From Your SEO

We’ve looked at the importance of driving ROI from digital marketing and measuring success from Search Engine Advertising. Here is our third and final part of our series which looks at how you can get real results from your SEO.

Firstly, Why SEO?

SEO is the shelf-space that you want to own so that your business appears in the top spots people look at online. It is also the foundation of your digital presence which appeals to both searchers and search engines across all devices.

How Does SEO Work to Drive Real Results?

Investing in an SEO strategy is important for businesses that want to improve their visibility on search engines and stand out online from their competitors. Somewhere between 80-90% of customers now check out a business’s website or read online reviews prior to making a purchase. This number is only expected to increase. Having the right strategy in place allows consumers to locate your business online above your competitors.

To further enhance your SEO results complement your strategy with search advertising. This allows you to spread out your budget and capture potential customers searching outside of the keywords in your paid ads strategy. This will generate more online traffic and leads resulting in an increased ROI.

How Can You Track Conversions From SEO?

Traditionally measuring the success of SEO has been done through reporting on keyword rank and page positioning. But it’s time businesses moved away from this and focused on empirical data that is unambiguous and looks at what actually matters to them – enquiries.

This can be done by measuring calls, emails, and web forms that come from organic sources like search results, social media, and local directories. Examining these key insights regularly provides businesses with transparency on their marketing performance, helping them know the true results of their SEO efforts and most importantly return on investment.

Want to learn more about how SEO can help your business improve visibility, support your other marketing tactics, and win new customers? See our SEO and lead tracking solutions on our website.

We hope you have enjoyed this three part series. Comment below and tell us what you’d like to know more about when it comes to digital marketing.




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