Search Engines Don’t Go On Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, for most people. It’s a time to slow down, unwind and spend quality time with friends and family. But not for search engines; they never switch off or go on break.  If your business does slow down during the holidays, there’s no better time to catch up and get ahead with your SEO and digital marketing efforts.

Make the Most of Christmas Campaigns

Google, Yahoo, and Bing provide consumers with the best results to their searches year round. They don’t take a holiday like the rest of us! But that’s actually a great thing for local businesses because at this time of year more people are searching for gift ideas, home renovation tips and travel inspiration. It’s the perfect time to share your offers and promotions as well as content about your products and services. These strategic actions will improve your presence online and assist your business is showing up in organic search results.

A Strong Online Presence Will Increase Foot Traffic

As the holiday shopping season approaches, it’s important to make sure your business has claimed and optimised local listings that focus on your core product and services. That way, when shoppers who are looking for certain products or services can discover your Google My Business page and easily contact you, have access to your holiday operating hours and come by your store.

Effective Digital Marketing is Ongoing

Getting to the top position on search engines, whether it’s through paid advertising or SEO is a difficult process that takes time and constant care. But it’s not over once you’ve secured that top spot; keeping your rankings can be just as challenging. If you’re in a competitive industry, it is likely that other businesses are also fighting it out for those top spots. The great thing about the holiday season is that your competitors may be taking a break or experiencing a slow period. Use this as an opportunity to maintain your top positions. By keeping a constant presence on search engines, you show legitimacy which will strengthen your presence online.

During the holidays search engines have a huge impact on your business. The best way to ensure you’re getting the greatest results is to have a consistent year-round presence online and make strategic changes throughout the year to help your business grow.


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