Take the Temperature of Your Business with Our Digital Health Check

Let’s face it; health is a pretty important thing! If we aren’t healthy this can impact us physically and emotionally. The minute we start to see any signs of illness we usually take actions to improve our health such as controlling our diet or exercising and sometimes even heading to the doctor to get a health check. Occasionally we do this even if we are feeling healthy and happy just for a sanity check.

Have you considered doing the same for your business’s online presence? Read here why it’s important to check your business’s digital health for success. Plus, how you can do this in less than 2 minutes.

Why do I need to check my business’s health?

A good doctor will explain the possible repercussions or side effects of not following his or her guidelines for optimal health.  We do the same by referring back to that simple, basic question: “How important is it for you to be found online?” When answering this question it’s important to understand the potential effects of not being found online.

How does a Digital Health Check work?

Your doctor will examine you thoroughly and make helpful and appropriate recommendations. Our Digital Health check is pretty much the same thing for your business. You’ll receive a health report on your online presence and see what needs improving. If you want deeper insights (ie. how you compare against competitors) you can book a consultation with one of our Digital Marketing Consultants. They can also prescribe the right ‘medicine’ aka online activities for your business.

What information should a Digital Health Check provide?

A Digital Health Check will help you run through the basics of your online presence. Our report will give you an overall score plus a breakdown of individual components of your online presence such as analysis of your content, SEO, social media sites, local listings and how compatible your website is on various screens and devices.

So what are you waiting for?

In less than two minutes you can have your complete report delivered to your email inbox! Get your business’s health in order by taking our health check today!



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