Understanding Facebook Advertising

Understanding Facebook Advertising

Worldwide, there are more than two billion monthly active Facebook users, and over one billion daily users. Teenagers to adults over the age of 65 are all using Facebook; diversity which makes Facebook the most popular social media platform in the world.  

Before we begin, you need to know:  Facebook is constantly updating their algorithm and marketers are embracing these changes and including Facebook as part of their strategy. 

Small businesses seem to struggle the most with Facebook advertising, either as a result of insufficient experience or time, which makes it difficult to truly understand the value social media advertising can bring to their business. Either way, businesses should consider getting an expert to handle their Facebook ads.  Because, once they have their ad campaign running correctly, they will see the results, guaranteed! 

Target it right 

A major benefit of Facebook advertising is that it allows you to refine your target audience based on demographics, interests and behaviours. You can be quite precise with who you want your ad to appear to.    

Visual storytelling 

Visuals sell better than written content! Why? They are more favoured in the Facebook algorithm, and more likely to get shared and liked.  Make your visuals bright and highly contrasted; this is sure to get the most attention on the Facebook News Feed. 

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Benefits of Social Media for your Business, don’t restrict your own creativity. Also, never underestimate the power of compelling content, eye-catching images and videos. Facebook advertising gives you a plethora of creative ad formats to choose from, so go wild with your content!   

Here are some great advertisement examples to inspire you.  

What is your budget? 

Facebook advertising is one of the most reasonable forms of advertising. Depending on your budget and objective, you can set up an ad campaign to deliver the best results – ideally, SMEs should focus from spending between $500 – $1,000 per month.

Website visitors 

Have you ever visited a website and shortly after that, seen an ad for that business in your Facebook News Feed? That’s called remarketing. When someone visits your website and doesn’t make a purchase or contact you, you can retarget them with Facebook advertising. With your ad appearing to an already interested customer, the potential for conversions is much higher.  

Facebook Remarketing Advertising


Let’s come back to my first point: there are over billion people using Facebook each and every day, and more than 800 million people are engaging with and liking posts daily. Almost 96% of marketers worldwide believe that Facebook produces the best ROI, compared to any other social media channel. It makes sense that these advertisers continue to increase their spending on Facebook ads.  

Key takeaways: 

  • As a business, if you are not leveraging all the benefits of Facebook ads, then you should think strongly about revising your advertising strategy.  
  • Facebook advertising helps businesses increase sales and revenue. Results can been seen immediately, however you must keep revising your content and strategy to keep it exciting.  
  • Remember: target the right audience + strong visual content + right strategy = sales and leads.  

ReachLocal offers a complete campaign strategy with ReachSocial Ads, compelling content and ongoing management. ReachLocal also has a solution that allows you to log in and track how many impressions, clicks and conversions you are receiving.  

Click on the banner below to book some time with one of our marketing consultants to learn more about how ReachSocial Ads can benefit your business.  

Dhwani Dave

Dhwani is a Public Relations and Marketing enthusiast who has a natural knack for creating strong content and strategies. Currently she works as a Marketing and Communications Specialist for ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand, looking after both internal and external communications. When she's not busy promoting our brand, she's actively promoting life on Instagram, making short singing videos, enjoying yum cha, planning getaways and exploring the city's best cafes.

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