Why Are Your Customers Going to Your Competitors?

As you may know, attracting consumers and turning them into customers is the lifeblood of any company. But did you ever think about why someone would choose your competitors over you?

Here are three things to ask yourself to help determine why you are losing business to your competitors and to help win back your customers.

Are You Slow at Responding?

How quickly do you follow up with leads once you are contacted? Do you have an effective lead management system in place? If you’re failing to contact leads with the information they need, they are likely to choose to do business with your competitors instead. Establish an effective lead management strategy and look into solutions like live website chat software that provide basic information to prospects while they’re making purchasing decisions.

Do You Have a Strong Online Visibility?

Check how many website visits and calls from organic or paid sources you are receiving. If these numbers are low, prospects may not be able to find you online and are likely visiting your competitors’ sites and contacting them instead of you. Invest in a PPC + SEO strategy to stick out from your competitors on top search engines and increase your visibility online.

Do You Have a Positive Online Reputation?

90% of consumers say positive reviews influence their purchasing decisions. This is why it is important to manage your online reputation by responding to reviews online and encouraging your current customers to leave your reviews on top review sites.

Remember that losing customers to competitors happens to even the best of businesses. Keep your head up and remember that at the end of the day, nothing outshines great customer service.


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