3 Easy Tips for Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Consumers are largely flocking to online sources to leave feedback about businesses. Whether that’s leaving your business a review on sites like TrueLocal, commenting on your business’s Facebook page, or providing feedback on a local listing site, it’s important to know what customers (and prospects) are saying about you online. Here are three easy tips for being aware of your online reputation and taking the next steps to improve your overall web presence.

  1. Get Google Alerts

Each time your business is mentioned on the web, Google Alerts will send you an email. This will help you determine when and where people are talking about you online. First, create a Google Alert for your business name. Next, set the frequency for these alerts to be sent in real-time, once a day, or once a week. Once these alerts come in, you can address any complaints or comments as soon as they’re posted.

  1. Stay Up to Date with Your Online Reviews

Make it easier for people to find the information they are looking for when they search for you online by creating accounts for your business on local listing sites. These include sites like TrueLocal, Google My Business, and Yahoo! You will be alerted via email every time someone leaves a review about your business on one of these pages so you can respond and resolve issues as they occur.

Remember, if someone leaves a review about your business, it’s always great to acknowledge the review. This gives you the chance to interact with your customers in a non-business setting and will show that you are staying informed with what people are saying about your business.

  1. Constantly Check Social Media Accounts

Checking your social media accounts every day is extremely important for monitoring your online reputation. Luckily, this process does not take much time. Sites like Facebook and Twitter will send you notifications every time someone has mentioned or tagged you in a comment. Keeping up with your fans and followers on these pages can help improve your web presence.

For times when your business name or other keywords are mentioned somewhere else online, you can use social listening tools like Mention to alert you, so you know when and where people are talking about your business. These tools allow you to be a part of the conversation your customers are having online and can help you repair your online reputation.



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