3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be On Instagram

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Why Companies Need To Be On Instagram

Almost everybody is familiar with Instagram by now, and a majority of those who have it only use it to share pictures of friends, family and events in their personal life. However, Instagram can actually be beneficial for many businesses as well. In fact, many well-known brands are already effectively using this application to increase their awareness, including Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Target, Allstate and many more.

If you’ve never used Instagram for promoting your business, there are a number of reasons you should start as soon as possible. It’s simple and easy to do, so there’s no reason to wait!


1) Reach New Users 

Even if you feel like your business is already reaching its target market pretty well through other various social media applications, there are always more people out there that could be interested in your products or services, and using Instagram can help you reach different demographics. In many cases, the demographic you can reach through Instagram is a younger one.

While Instagram may not double your business, more than 130 million people use Instagram and about a billion likes are logged every single day. That’s a lot potential customers or clients to reach– especially considering that using Instagram won’t cost you a penny.

Nike, for example, utilizes their Instagram to show off their NikeFuel and Nike+ products as well as its latest event. For some time, they lacked the personalization that most other brands had, that is until they announced Nike PhotoiD. This campaign allowed their followers to customize their very own Nike running shoes, select their preferred background image and then share their design with Nike’s Instagram. With an initial 394,000 followers, they now have nearly 3 million.

By involving their customers in their brand, they were able to reach out to thousands of different individuals, allowing them to design their very own product that reflected their own personality.


2) You Can Share Videos

In the past, Instagram only allowed users to share photos, but since Twitter launched Vine, Instagram now allows users to post and share videos as well. However, unlike Vine’s 6-second videos, Instagram offers a total of 15 seconds. Those extra seconds can really be put to good use!

Ben & Jerry’s immediately jumped on the Instagram video bandwagon, sharing behind-the-scenes flicks of their production process, like this video that gives followers a look inside their “Flavor Lab.” Not only does this clip do a great job in making their product look delicious, but it also gives viewers an often-unseen part of the company at work.

For many businesses, sharing promotional videos is a great way to spread the word about a new product or service. With Instagram, you’ll just have one more avenue to get the news of a new product launch or service out.

If you do use Instagram for videos, make sure you don’t post boring promotional videos. A video that talks about a product or service is great, but it does need to have some element of humor or something to draw users in. Otherwise, they won’t share the video and you’ll just be wasting valuable time.

Some people might even stop following you or looking at your posts if they’re too dry, so keep things interesting! Always make your posts fresh so that users want to keep coming back to see what’s new.

Again, sharing is free, so why wouldn’t you be using Instagram?


3) You Can Get Creative

Whether you choose to share videos, photos or both with users on Instagram is up to you, but whatever you do share, using Instagram regularly gives you the chance to be creative with your businesses image without tarnishing it. That’s because in the Instagram world, interesting pictures and videos – even if they aren’t linear – can actually make people like your business or become more interested in your products.

Nike and Ben & Jerry’s have an amazing way of flaunting their creativity. Starbucks is also a leader in generating brand conversations that are centered around their customers. They encourage their fans to engage in discussions about new Starbucks products. Their Instagram page captures aspects of their brand’s ethos via gorgeous images, showing a very creative and whimsical side to their brand.

If you’re new to Instagram, it does take a little bit of practice to find what works for your business, but once you’ve found your creative niche, you can really attract some new followers and customers or clients.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your photos and videos on Instagram.

Even if you’ve never used Instagram before, you’ve surely heard about it or seen articles about it. It might have never have crossed your mind to use it for business promotion, but it can actually be a really effective tool.

Getting to know Instagram isn’t too hard, either, so you should be up and running in a snap. The quicker you set it up, the sooner you are on your way to promoting your business and increasing sales!


Today’s guest blogger is Camille McClane, who is honored to have had the opportunity to share her knowledge with ReachLocal Australia about how companies can use Instagram to their advantage. Her writing also covers other areas of the tech industry, including social media, web analytics and SEO.



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