A Day in the Life of a Client Success Manager

Digital marketing is high in demand, especially with more and more businesses investing in digital marketing than ever before, resulting in a vast range of roles and skills. Some time ago we told you what a Digital Marketing Consultant does, their day to day responsibilities, how they bring on new clients and a lot more. Today, we want to give you insights into the role of a Client Success Manager (CSM), the analytical mind, responsible for running digital campaigns. 

Let’s find out from Filipe Ferrao what it’s like to work as a CSM.  

Hi Filipe, thank you for doing this interview. Could you give me an overview of what a Client Success Manager (CSM) does 

As a Client Success Manager, our foremost priority is to ensure that we deliver value to our clients. The main objective is to see our clients get more leads and ultimately help them grow their business.   

Our core responsibility is to ensure the success of running a campaign, which includes campaign management and performance. A CSM is responsible for identifying opportunities for improving the performance of the advertising campaigns through analysing key metrics and trends.  

We liaise daily with clients, updating them on all their campaigns, and discuss opportunities to help grow their leads. Together we collect insights which help us to tap into new niches and develop new strategies, and again, improve the performance of each campaign.  

Tell us a little bit about how you came to work for ReachLocal 

I’ve been working in the Digital Marketing industry for a few years now, and ReachLocal’s company culture and values aligned with what I was looking for. Before this role, I was working in London. I moved to New Zealand to work for ReachLocal, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I instantly felt at home, thanks to my peers.  

What does a ‘usual day’ look like for you?  

A CSM’s role is fast-paced, multitasking and technical. There are multiple facets, which means we are required to be well-structured and organised to get through all our priorities. I begin my day by reading a blog or two to equip myself with the latest digital trends, followed by checking emails to see if any additional tasks have come through and need to be prioritised.  

Later I go through my to-do list, while also planning out a list for the next day. Finally, I get onto managing campaigns and action urgent request that would have come from a client.  

How do you keep across all the campaigns for each client 

Currently, I’m working across five different clients with multiple campaigns. The daily ‘health check’ allows me to run through all the campaigns quickly to ensure no issues have been flagged. To ease the process, I go through one client at a time and check all their campaign performance, which gives me an overview of the current strategy and helps me spot new opportunities for growth. 

We have clients from a variety of verticals, so once you get to know them and their business well, switching from one client to another becomes a piece of cake.  

How do you go about identifying the best strategy for a campaign/client?  

For a CSM, it is important to get valuable insights into a clients’ business to help build effective strategies for their online campaigns. This also helps us understand their business and advertising objectives closely, which is crucial for building a solid marketing strategy

We also examine competitors, the market, and work closely with the Digital Marketing Consultant to draw on the best advertising options for the client. The relationship between a DMC and CSM helps create a successful foundation for a client.  

What’s that one thing that keeps you going every day?  

It’s the challenges that come along with this job. For a Client Success Manager, no two days are the same, and that keeps the working life enticing. There’s also a great opportunity for growth within the company which pushes me to become better each day and achieve my goals successfully.  

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to be a digital marketing expert?  

To be a qualified CSM, you need to have certain certifications completed. Be passionate about what you do, and don’t forget to have fun along the way. You need to have a clear objective of where you want to go and work towards it. Most importantly, keep up with ever-changing digital marketing trends and keep upskilling yourself in order to stay ahead. Learning should never die, especially for someone who works in digital marketing!  

Dhwani Dave

Dhwani is a Public Relations and Marketing enthusiast who has a natural knack for creating strong content and strategies. Currently she works as a Marketing and Communications Specialist for ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand, looking after both internal and external communications. When she's not busy promoting our brand, she's actively promoting life on Instagram, making short singing videos, enjoying yum cha, planning getaways and exploring the city's best cafes.

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