Reopen? Drive Customers To Your Business

how to drive customers to your reopen business

No one knows for sure how consumers will react to non-essential businesses being open again. Some may be wary of visiting increasingly crowded public spaces, or of frivolously spending money right now. But there will be others who joyfully rush through shopping centre doors, their money burning a proverbial hole in their pocket.   Either way, you should consider offering incentives to show customers why they should visit your business first. Think about running limited-time promotions on your services and products. Hosting a reopening event with giveaways, training sessions, or demonstrations is a great way to attract consumers into your


Is Your Business Ready to Reopen?

Business owner considers if he is ready to reopen

As businesses eagerly prepare to reopen their doors to customers, one of the most important aspects they must address is how to best communicate their reopening plans to consumers. We’ve stressed before the importance of timely, relevant, consistent communication during the pandemic, and this should continue in any messaging you put out surrounding plans to reopen. Addressing and alleviating consumer health and safety concerns should be paramount. You want to inspire confidence among your customers, as well as promote your reopening. Once you have your message, be sure to update your online presence on all the following platforms.  Prepare Your Website  Prepare or draft


There’s Never Been a Better Time to Advertise on Facebook

Advertise on Facebook to drive customers to your business

Facebook usage is up, with a record number of people using the platform in the first quarter of 2020. However, the company has experienced a “sudden and significant” drop in advertising, impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses have reacted to Covid-19 by pulling ad spend, resulting in decreased marketplace competition on the platform. Across our advertisers, ReachLocal has seen a 17% decrease in the cost of buying 1,000 impressions on Facebook. This is the lowest CPM seen since 2017, meaning that it’s cheaper now than ever before to advertise on Facebook.  This trifecta of


Grow Your Business as a ReachLocal Affiliate Partner

ReachLocal Affiliate Partner speaks to happy client on the phone

2020 has been a difficult year for many businesses in Australia and New Zealand. In times like this we have a responsibility to work together to find ways to keep businesses going. If you’re finding it tough to bring in new business at this time, why not look at ways you can sell more to your existing customers? ReachLocal’s Affiliate Partner Program gives businesses the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream by referring clients to us for digital marketing services. In Q1 this year, our top Affiliate Partners earned an average of $18,000 – just for sending business our way. Keep reading


Advertising During Covid-19: Search, Display and Social Media

consumers using different devices to access the internet during covid-19

Advertising across Search Engines, Display and Social Media is easy, and these platforms can drive traffic, increase sales, and create loyal customers for even the smallest budgets. Let’s look at how these three advertising solutions could benefit your business through this uncertain time. Search Engine Advertising  Search is great because you only pay when interested customers click on your ads! Consider expanding your reach across multiple search engines to include Bing, which now has a 7.7% share of the desktop search market in Australia. Many advertisers see even cheaper clicks on Microsoft Advertising than on Google. It may be fair to


Changing Behaviours Impacting Marketing During Covid-19

Woman uses multiple devices to connect with businesses and friends while in isolation at home.

Over the past two months, I’ve noticed some distinct changes in my activities and spending habits due to social distancing measures. While I’ve happily saved money usually spent tapping on-and-off public transport, and swapped an expensive gym membership for free laps around Centennial Park on my own two legs, I have also increased my spending in several unexpected places. Purchases of plants and artwork to make our flat a nicer place to be in, and cooking appliances and accessories to create gourmet dishes and home. I’m also pretty sure my


COVID-19: Online Presence Checklist

Woman updates her businesses online presence whilst working from home with her dog.

For many of us right now the situation is ‘business not as usual’.  To make sure consumers are kept up-to-date with when you are open, what products and services you’re currently offering, and how you are keeping your employees and customers safe, we’ve created an online presence checklist for businesses. Complete the steps below to update your website, Google My Business listing, and Facebook business page to ensure customers are getting the right information when searching for you online.  ✅ Online Presence Checklist Item 1: Update Your Website Greet visitors to your website with easy-to-find information


How Can Businesses Navigate This Crisis?

Woman wonders how her business will cope in this crisis.

Businesses are facing a great amount of uncertainty right now. Like myself, you’ve probably received a lot of emails from brands and companies lately. It is great to see Australian and New Zealand businesses keeping a positive attitude and dedicating time to keep their customers informed of changes as they happen. These businesses should be praised for their commitment, not only to their customers, but to their employees and communities too. What’s even better is seeing them implement new strategies to serve their customers and keep their business


5 Cost-Effective Digital Advertising Solutions for SMBs [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Cost-Effective Digital Advertising Solutions for SMBs

Are you a small business looking into digital advertising? In this infographic, we’ve outlined five digital advertising options that work great for SMBs, explained how they work and why they represent value for money.


ReachLocal’s Year In Review – 2018

2018 has been a year of great success, growth and hard work for ReachLocal Australia & New Zealand. See some of our highlights from this year in the infographic below.


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