Start Getting Leads from Search Engine Marketing

Start Getting Leads from Search Engine Marketing

What’s the first thing you do when you want to know, go, do or buy something? That’s right, you Google it! The Search Engine Results Page, or SERP, that is displayed for your query can feature up to 17 types of results. That’s a lot of content, and presents several great opportunities for businesses to reach potential new customers through Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


Digital Marketing on a Budget

How to market your small business on a budget

There are a lot of digital marketing tactics a startup or small business can use to reach customers and drive sales on a budget. Today we’ll identify the best digital marketing solutions to invest your budget for the greatest effect, as well as some free marketing options available to you.


Reopen? Drive Customers To Your Business

how to drive customers to your reopen business

As businesses being to open again, consider offering incentives to show customers why they should visit your business first. Think about running limited-time promotions on your services and products. Hosting a reopening event with giveaways, training sessions, or demonstrations is a great way to attract consumers into your store or premises. There are several digital marketing channels and tactics that work perfectly for this type of marketing. Consider these types of campaigns to promote your reopening, and drive customers to your business.


Is Your Business Ready to Reopen?

Business owner considers if he is ready to reopen

As businesses eagerly prepare to reopen their doors to customers, one of the most important aspects they must address is how to best communicate their reopening plans to consumers. This article runs through all the platforms you need up update to strengthen your online presence ahead of reopening.


There’s Never Been a Better Time to Advertise on Facebook

Advertise on Facebook to drive customers to your business

Businesses looking to advertise on Facebook should act now to take advantage of a trifecta of ideal conditions which are providing greater bang for their buck. Let’s take a closer look at the range of goal-oriented ad options available through ReachLocal’s Social Ads solution, to help you decide if now is the right time for your business to advertise on Facebook.


Grow Your Business as a ReachLocal Affiliate Partner

ReachLocal Affiliate Partner speaks to happy client on the phone

If you’re finding it tough to bring in new business at this time, why not look at ways you can sell more to your existing customers? ReachLocal’s Affiliate Partner Program gives businesses the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream by referring clients to us for digital marketing services. In Q1 this year, our top Affiliate Partners earned an average of $18,000 – just for sending business our way. Keep reading to learn how an Affiliate Partnership with ReachLocal can benefit your business.


Advertising During Covid-19: Search, Display and Social Media

consumers using different devices to access the internet during covid-19

Advertising across Search Engines, Display and Social Media is easy, and these platforms can drive traffic, increase sales, and create loyal customers for even the smallest budgets. Let’s look at how these three advertising solutions could benefit your business through this uncertain time.


Changing Behaviours Impacting Marketing During Covid-19

Woman uses multiple devices to connect with businesses and friends while in isolation at home.

Consumers across Australia and New Zealand are shifting their spending habits to adapt to changes in lifestyle and routine due to Covid-19. Using data provided to us as a Microsoft Advertising Elite Partner and Google Premier Partner, and from other resources, we wanted to share some local stats and figures. These numbers illustrate how consumer attitudes and behaviours have changed, which might impact your businesses’ marketing plans during this time.


COVID-19: Online Presence Checklist

Woman updates her businesses online presence whilst working from home with her dog.

For many of us right now the situation is ‘business not as usual’. To make sure consumers are kept up-to-date with when you are open, what products and services you’re currently offering, and how you are keeping your employees and customers safe, we’ve created an online presence checklist for businesses. Complete the steps below to update your website, Google My Business listing, and Facebook business page to ensure customers are getting the right information when searching for you online.


How Can Businesses Navigate This Crisis?

Woman wonders how her business will cope in this crisis.

It’s great to see businesses across Australia and New Zealand keeping a positive attitude and dedicating time to keeping customers informed of changes during this crisis. Keep reading for ideas on how to adapt your business, and ways you, as a consumer, can continue to support local businesses during this time.


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