Be Visible In The Moments That Matter With These Two Types Of Digital Advertising

Have you ever been told that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination?

Local businesses definitely want phones to be ringing off the hook, numerous bookings to be made daily and more customers coming through the doors.

But in order to achieve this, we need to redefine and improve the journey that we take our customers on. In most instances purchases are made up of several moments that influence a consumer’s buying decision (leaving aside impulse-buys).

So how can your business be present and visible in these moments that matter? Your business can do this by combining search engine advertising and Facebook ads.

These are two different types of digital marketing. Search engine advertising is based on a pull marketing strategy which involves motivating customers who are actively seeking out your product or services. Facebook Ads work on a push marketing strategy which involves taking your products or services directly to the customer, ensuring that they are aware of your brand at the point of purchase.

Here’s a scenario to put this into perspective.

Phase 1: A couple is looking to build a granny flat. They do some research online to find out what is available in the market.

Google Search

Phase 2: They like the look of a particular business. This business has invested time and effort into search engine advertising to ensure that they show up when people are searching.

Search Results

The couple decide to investigate further in the coming weeks as it is a big financial commitment for them.

Phase 3: Meanwhile, this business has also invested in their social media platforms to ensure that potential customers living in a certain area, aged between 30 and 60 are seeing their Facebook ads.

Rescon Facebook Ads

Phase 4: As a result the couple, who fit the target demographic perfectly, has been exposed to the business’s various Facebook ads. They check out the comments and reviews on the Facebook page and they also noticed that a friend of theirs likes the page too. They get in touch with their friend who highly recommends the company.

Phase 5: They attend the Granny Flat Display as advertised on Facebook. Within that week they contact the business for a quote.

As demonstrated from this scenario search engine advertising and Facebook ads work hand-in-hand to complement each other. Both of these types of advertising have different benefits based on your strategic goals.

Advertising on search engines can assist you in attracting new customers while Facebook ads allow you to target individual users based on their specific interests and behaviours. They each function and cater to different goals making sure your business is present during the moments that matter along the purchasing journey. That’s why it is not a matter of using one or the other but effectively using them both to cover your digital marketing bases.


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