Beyond Likes: How to Get Leads from Facebook

There are 65 million businesses on Facebook! That includes business like yours and your competitors. Are you already one of them? Make sure you are not missing out on the chance to reach a massive 1.23 billion daily active users!

But it’s not enough to set up a business page and hope people like it. According to Facebook “The number one reason businesses succeed or fail is their ability to attract customers.”

If you’d like to go beyond likes and know how can you reach your target audience to generate Facebook leads and drive meaningful results for your business, continue reading on! Today, more than four million businesses actively advertise on Facebook. This has become an increasingly important and effective way to reach and engage consumers when they are using the Facebook site or app.

Here’s a look at four types of lead generating results your business can get from Facebook advertising:

  1. Drive Calls and Visits to Your Business

Driving conversions and leads is often the top goal for businesses when they invest in online marketing. If this is your goal for using social media, Facebook advertising is great for your digital marketing mix because you can drive conversions directly from your ads. For example, you can use call-to-action buttons that ask users to “Get Directions” or “Call Now” directly from your ads. This is especially effective when people are using Facebook on the go, while they’re on their mobile device and are wanting to engage immediately. To get the best results give your viewers actionable offers which they can redeem right away when they visit.

  1. Increase Site Visits and Conversions

Driving traffic to your website is a valuable way to generate conversions from your Facebook advertising.You can target relevant audiences and attract interested visitors to your website through compelling information and offers in your Facebook Ads. Such campaigns are built to entice viewers to visit and convert by filling out a form, booking an appointment, or downloading a voucher on your website. As a result you can achieve measurable and meaningful conversions that are likely to turn into sales.

  1. Build Better Brand Visibility for the Right Audience

With over 1 billion active users worldwide, the Facebook News Feed is prime online real estate for any business. You might be thinking – but can’t you drive engagement without paying for ads? Sure, but there are many benefits of driving increased engagement through an advertising strategy. Firstly, your ads can reach new, highly targeted audiences who don’t already follow you. This can be done through Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities which can expand your reach and encourage new page views and likes from the right prospects. When people engage with your ad, this actually boosts the performance of your organic posts!

  1. Provide an Effortless User Experience for Your Audience

Facebook advertising features like Lead Ads allows people to submit an inquiry form directly from within your ad. When they click on your ad’s Call-to-Action, they will see a form that is already populated with contact information they’ve provided to Facebook. This way you can ensure that your prospects have a seamless user experience and a positive association with your business.

These are just four of the types of results your business can generate from Facebook advertising. Each of these have measurable results that go further than monitoring likes. These strategies take away the ambiguity of social media marketing and provide a direct correlation to ROI. Whether you’re looking for how to get leads on Facebook, build brand awareness, increase website visitors or drive other actions, Facebook advertising is an effective way to help you meet your marketing goals.

Nishtha Handa

Nishtha is the Content Marketing Manager at ReachLocal. She has experience in digital marketing, social media management, and content creation for small and medium businesses. She specialises in guiding businesses to improve their social media and digital marketing. When she's not writing about online marketing or researching the latest digital tips and trends, she's planning her next holiday destination, baking a cake or binge watching Netflix.

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