Connect With Customers Like Never Before with Live Chat 

In our increasingly digital world, consumers expect instant answers from businesses, and if they can’t find the information they need easily on your website, they’ll go elsewhere. We share why Live Chat is a necessity for businesses to connect with their customers like never before.


Your Ultimate Marketing Guide: October 2021

Are you one of the 51% of consumers that prefer using live chat services when communicating with businesses online? Customers appreciate being able to get answers to their questions from a live chat service whilst at work, or multitasking. In fact, 92% of consumers report feeling satisfied after using live chat services. So what exactly is live chat, and how can it work for your business?


Your Ultimate Marketing Guide: September 2021

93% of people say they are influenced by online reviews. Online reviews work a lot like word-of-mouth referrals and can mean big money for your business and contribute to your search engine rank. This month, make time to review your online listings and develop ways to gain more positive online reviews for your business.


Your Ultimate Marketing Guide: August 2021

73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email. Email marketing is an easy, effective, and inexpensive way for businesses to reach a large number of potential customers. This month spend some time reviewing your businesses email marketing strategy, and come up with some new and creative approaches to win over consumers.


5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business

Email marketing helps you get in front of consumers to drive action, increase awareness for your business, and reach them in a place they’re spending time. The possibilities for email marketing success are endless when you understand email marketing’s power and have the right strategy in place. Here are some of the benefits of email marketing for small businesses.


Five Key Benefits of Content Marketing for SMBs

Whether you’re planning for it or not, your customers and your potential customers are looking for you online. 78% of marketers say they have achieved success as the result of investing in content marketing and believe it has allowed them to build credibility with their potential customers. Here are five ways content marketing is setting a foundation that can help your business grow online.


4 Tips to Help You Optimise Your Listing on Google

Four Tips to Optimise your Business Listing on Google

Once you’ve claimed and verified a business on Google, it’s time to take it a step further and optimise your listing. Here are four simple tips to help you actually show up in the local searches.


Claim Your Business on Google in Two Easy Steps

Claim Your Business Listing on Google in Two Easy Steps

Ever wonder how Google knows exactly where businesses are, how to contact them, and what their hours of operation are? If you’re just starting out and want to put your business on the map or have been struggling to get customers in the door, it’s time for Google My Business. Learn how you can claim your business listings on Google with 2 easy steps.


Your Ultimate Marketing Guide: February 2021

February Marketing Guide

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s packed full of opportunities to promote your business and connect with consumers in creative ways. Here are some strategic and fun ideas for marketing your business this month.


12 Simple (Yet Effective) Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Small Businesses

Small business owners have the immense challenge of competing with their small counterparts along with big companies that play in their space. While it may seem like you are fighting an uphill battle, there are plenty of advantages that small businesses have over their larger competitors. Here are 12 small business marketing tips to help you get noticed.