Should You Create a Loyalty Program?

Customer Loyalty Program

Now is time for you to think about keeping your clients: They are precious! A great way to achieve this is by creating a loyalty program. It is reported that 57% of consumers spend more on brands they are loyal to. In this article, we will cover reasons why you should implement a loyalty program, which type to choose and how to build it.


5 Ideas to Grow Your ReachLocal Affiliate Revenue

Affiliate partner considers new clients to prospect

One of the big benefits of Affiliate partnerships is that you can constantly reassess the situation and increase the amount of money coming in. With the proper strategy, you can rapidly build up your paycheck. Read our list of five ideas to grow your ReachLocal Affiliate clients and make more money!


Capture More Home Services Leads with these Marketing Tips!

home services business wins a new customer

Competition between professional home services businesses like locksmiths, cleaners, plumbers and electricians can be fierce! It can be hard to differentiate your offerings from those of your rival providers, which means that fast and fabulous customer service is critical if you want to come out on top. Making it easy for consumers to find your business online, keeping communication seamless and follow-up professional, will all help your business win jobs and build a loyal customer base.


12 Simple (Yet Effective) Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Small Businesses

Small business owners have the immense challenge of competing with their small counterparts along with big companies that play in their space. While it may seem like you are fighting an uphill battle, there are plenty of advantages that small businesses have over their larger competitors. Here are 12 small business marketing tips to help you get noticed.


Identify Your Ideal Customer With 6 Easy Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Identify Your Ideal Customer

Many businesses fall into the trap of marketing to everyone because they think their products and service are needed by them. Getting to know your ideal customer and developing buyer profiles takes time to get right. It is well worth the investment and will benefit every aspect of the business. Here’s a handy guide to help you identify your ideal customer.


Why Partner with ReachLocal? 5 Marketing Advantages

Do you want to get an extra revenue stream for your business? Are you looking for scalable digital marketing products for your clients?  Here are a few of the top benefits ReachLocal partners see by using our technology to grow and enhance their business. Increased Revenue and Profit Streams Partnering with us means you don’t need to hire more staff or invest in product development. In fact, our partnership ensures that you are compensated through either a residual compensation plan


4 Ways to Make Your Local Business Thrive This Holiday Season

Only 46 sleeps till Christmas! The holiday season can sometimes be difficult for local businesses, especially when things are slowing down before the New Year and people are leaving to travel overseas or interstate to visit family. We want your business to thrive this festive season because we know that four in five Australians are deeply connected to the small business sector – through employment, family, or love. Now is a great time to develop a strategy to promote holiday


The Importance of High Quality Creatives for Effective Digital Marketing

A great strategy without great creatives is like an unbaked cake. While all the ingredients are present – it won’t rise and be delicious until you’ve applied some heat. You may have an unbeatable offer and a great landing page but you need high quality creatives to inspire your customers to drive click-throughs. In this article we will explore what we know about ad creatives and how we can achieve success with excellent creatives. What we know: Creative quality is


Why Micro-Moments Matter

  What makes a micro-moment interesting and equally challenging is that it’s not really one moment. In fact, it’s a series of micro-moments that are reflective of how consumers behave today. Why Mobile? Think about it. When you need to find or learn something, do something, discover something, watch something or buy something you reach for your phone. Chances are you’ll find information in the form of a Google Search, how-to video, social media  or review site.   Mobile has


5 Ways for Your Business to Improve Online Customer Experience

Did you know poor customer service is estimated to be costing Australian Business $122 billion a year? Customer service is much more than the final transaction between your business and customers. Your customers are engaging with you online – whether it’s through your ads, website or social media channels. So what is the online customer experience like and how can you leverage it for your business? Here are five things you can do to help provide a positive online experience