Be Visible In The Moments That Matter With These Two Types Of Digital Advertising

Have you ever been told that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination? Local businesses definitely want phones to be ringing off the hook, numerous bookings to be made daily and more customers coming through the doors. But in order to achieve this, we need to redefine and improve the journey that we take our customers on. In most instances purchases are made up of several moments that influence a consumer’s buying decision (leaving aside impulse-buys). So how can


Transform Your Customer Service with These Three Tips

Transform your Customer Service with These 3 Tips

You’re watching the Season Finale of Game of Thrones, and you’re minutes away from a huge plot twist, but suddenly, your internet cuts out! Frustrated, you call your internet provider and explain your situation. The customer service representative is super helpful and gets your connection back up in time to watch the end of the episode. Phew, that was quick and easy! Now imagine if you call up your internet provider and the representative has no desire to understand your


3 Ways to Boost Your Search Advertising ROI

3 Ways to Boost your Search Advertising ROI

Search engine advertising is an effective way to reach local prospects online, but how do you effectively measure the success of your campaign? Here are a few tips to get you a bigger return on investment from your digital advertising budget. Track Conversions and Calls When you run a search engine advertising campaign, most platforms typically measure how many times your ad was clicked (aka click through rate or CTR). Your campaign can produce a high CTR, but if this


Marketing Budget Allocation Best Practices: Get the Most Out of It

With so many different marketing options and opportunities – paid search, social media advertising, SEO and more – it can be hard to determine what’s really working for your business. You may wonder – “Where is my marketing budget actually going? What’s working? What’s not?” Know that you are not alone – many local businesses have the same concerns. While you can actively advertise in as many places as possible, the real factor in measuring success for most local businesses


Boost Website Conversions With These 3 Tricks

Whether you’re focusing on SEO, social media or paid advertising, the end goal of your marketing campaigns is to convert visitors of your website into customers. You might have it under control with a well-designed website, easy-to-find contact information, submission forms and a process for responding to people who call or email you. Did you know there’s even more you could be doing to convert visitors into leads? Here are three things you can do to get more conversions from


Are You Saying the Right Things to Prospects When They Call?

When potential customers call, does someone always answer the phone? Do your staff members ask the right questions to move them towards a purchase? Here are the five things local business should say to prospects when they call. 1. Hello. Yes, we know it’s obvious. But by answering the phone when it rings, you’re already ahead of the game. Too often, phones go unanswered or callers get sent straight to voicemail.  This can be off-putting and can be an open


Engage Website Visitors with This Simple Solution

We’ve all at some point or another seen a chat box appear on a website. The question is, how well does live chat really work? Did you know, users of live chat see up to a 30% increase in the number of conversions on their website!* Here’s why: Online advertising tactics are specifically designed to direct potential consumers to your business website. But when you’re investing time and money into using search engine marketing, display marketing, social media marketing, or


Do You Know Where You Should be Spending Your Marketing Budget?

Marketing Budget For Your Business

If you’ve got a killer marketing strategy, understand where your money is being spent and know exactly how much return that budget is driving for your business – give yourself a good pat on the back! But if you’re anything like the 55 per cent of small business owners ReachLocal surveyed in September that wish they knew more about where their marketing spend would be most effective – you’re not alone. Nearly 1,000 small and medium business owners across Australia


Increase Quality Leads With a Live Chat Solution on Your Website

Increase Quality Leads With Live Chat

When you’ve been doing research online for a product or service – chances are that at some point, you have been greeted by a live chat box asking if there is anything you can be assisted with. You may have even engaged to ask about directions, operating hours, available products or services, or to book an appointment. Have you ever wondered how that chat box really works? Is there really someone sitting at the other end waiting to answer all


Does Your Website Track Conversions? Now It Can!

ReachEdge Website Conversion Software

When it comes to attracting leads, your business website could have all the right features, your social media profiles are ready, and you’re posting relevant content to these social media profiles and your website that your customers can view and share with others. You’re optimising your local listings so that you get discovered in local and organic searches, you’ve even launched online search, display, and retargeting campaigns across the web to get more visitors to your website. The next step