Live Chat: The Secret Weapon Your Website Needs

woman uses live chat to engage with a business online after hours

If you don’t have the means to give website visitors the information they want when they want it, you could be missing out on converting valuable customers! Here are three clear-cut reasons live chat is the secret weapon your businesses’ website shouldn’t be without!


How Can Live Chat Benefit Your Local Business?

Consumer interacts with local business via live chat

Consumers today expect immediate answers and attentive customer service. Live chat can help your local business deliver that and more. With benefits for customers and businesses alike, if you’re not already employing a live chat solution on your website, now might be a great time to start. Let’s take a look at the benefits live chat can provide your local business.


8 Things Your Website Can Do to Get More Customers

Your website can become a powerful marketing tool with ReachEdge

Your site can become a powerful marketing tool that helps you turn visitors into customers, simply by using the right software. Here are eight powerhouse lead and call tracking capabilities your website gets with ReachEdge lead conversation software.


What To Look For In A Digital Marketing Reporting Platform

digital marketing reporting platform

Reporting platforms add value by empowering businesses to make demonstrably better data-based decisions. These in turn, help increase profitability and performance.   Marketing reports should be used on a regular basis to monitor the performance of a business’ various marketing initiatives, and to help get a better understanding of their customers.  There are a few important questions a business should ask when looking to get the most out of a marketing reporting platform.   #1 Does the platform give us a good understanding about our leads and


Why Partner with ReachLocal? 5 Marketing Advantages

Do you want to get an extra revenue stream for your business? Are you looking for scalable digital marketing products for your clients?  Here are a few of the top benefits ReachLocal partners see by using our technology to grow and enhance their business. Increased Revenue and Profit Streams Partnering with us means you don’t need to hire more staff or invest in product development. In fact, our partnership ensures that you are compensated through either a residual compensation plan


How Does Geofencing Work to Target Your Ideal Audience?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could target people who enter a specific location like your business or an event you’re hosting? Imagine if your ad could show up on their favourite mobile app at that exact moment. We have the perfect mobile display advertising tactic to do just that – it’s called GeoFence! If you’re wondering how Geofencing works, it is a location-based mobile technology that lets you define a specific, geographic area for displaying your ads on mobile


Why Reporting Matters When it Comes to Digital Marketing

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and forgotten to check if you’d won? Successful digital marketing is like winning the lottery. If you don’t check your results you may never know how well you did or are doing. Here are three reasons why you need comprehensive, regular reporting to compliment your digital marketing strategy. Never Miss A Lead By regularly monitoring the performance of your digital marketing campaigns you will have complete transparency of metrics like ad impressions, click


A Digital Marketing Strategy That Captures, Converts and Tracks

Advertising online is a great way to get in front of customers when they’re searching for your products and services online. But, where should you start? Words like search engine optimisation, retargeting, remarketing, social media advertising, display ads, and pay per click can all sound complex and confusing. We can help by suggesting the perfect trio to get you started! This solution is one that will get visitors to your site, get them engaging with your business and allow you


Drive Leads With Live Chat Solution: How One Automotive Client Did It

Is one of your main digital marketing goals to drive leads? Here’s how our client, Phil Gilbert Motor Group, generated more than 2000 leads over the period of one year. Rebecca Browne, Marketing Manager of Phil Gilbert, was looking to move her marketing strategy from traditional to online media. Her prospects and clients were using digital methods during the research process of buying a car. She knew she needed to evolve in order to provide them a positive user experience. That’s


Marketing Budget Allocation Best Practices: Get the Most Out of It

With so many different marketing options and opportunities – paid search, social media advertising, SEO and more – it can be hard to determine what’s really working for your business. You may wonder – “Where is my marketing budget actually going? What’s working? What’s not?” Know that you are not alone – many local businesses have the same concerns. While you can actively advertise in as many places as possible, the real factor in measuring success for most local businesses