Connect With Customers Like Never Before with Live Chat 

In our increasingly digital world, consumers expect instant answers from businesses, and if they can’t find the information they need easily on your website, they’ll go elsewhere. We share why Live Chat is a necessity for businesses to connect with their customers like never before.


Understanding Google Shopping [INFOGRAPHIC]

Understanding Google Shopping

Australia saw a huge influx of consumers turning to online shopping channels with 200,000+ new households shopping online in April 2020 alone. Despite turning to online out of necessity, consumers find online shopping journey’s twice as satisfying as brick and mortar buying, making its continued growth expected. So, if you’re in the retail space, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity and one type of digital advertising tactic that should absolutely be on your radar is Google Shopping Ads. Check out this infographic to learn more.


8 Things Your Website Can Do to Get More Customers

Your website can become a powerful marketing tool with ReachEdge

Your site can become a powerful marketing tool that helps you turn visitors into customers, simply by using the right software. Here are eight powerhouse lead and call tracking capabilities your website gets with ReachEdge lead conversation software.


How to Combat Web Form Spam

If you have a web form on your website, then it’s likely you have come across spam and junk responses – unfortunately it is inevitable. Not only is it frustrating, but web form spam can also affect your ranking in SERPs.  Before we dive into the main cause of web form spam, let’s first understand that this spam is not caused by your site’s functionality, or your online marketing campaigns.  What is a web form spam?  It’s a method of spamming a website’s submission form with unwanted information, such as links to an offer, advertisements


Reap the Benefits of Revamping Your Website

In any line of work, first impressions are everything! Your website is your business’s most important marketing asset, it should reflect the company’s persona. Perhaps you are thinking, “I’ve got everything I need for a customer on my website”, but when was the last time you updated it?   Customer standards are evolving along with technology, so if a site isn’t current then it will be perceived as outdated. If you stay on top of the latest trends and understand users’ behaviours, then you can move far


Target Local Customers Quickly and Efficiently

Digital advertising is a great way to get in front of customers who are searching for your products and services online, as well as get brand awareness for people who may not know about your business. But where do you even start? Here’s how you can pair two strategies to target local customers quickly and efficiently. Search Marketing: Search ads appear at the top of search results when people look for products and services. These ads make sure that your


How Does Geofencing Work to Target Your Ideal Audience?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could target people who enter a specific location like your business or an event you’re hosting? Imagine if your ad could show up on their favourite mobile app at that exact moment. We have the perfect mobile display advertising tactic to do just that – it’s called GeoFence! If you’re wondering how Geofencing works, it is a location-based mobile technology that lets you define a specific, geographic area for displaying your ads on mobile


Everything You Need to Know About Lookalike Audiences for Your Advertising

Are your ads generating a lot of impressions, but not from the right people? How can you make sure the impressions you are getting are from people who are interested in your business? We have the answer! Have you ever heard of lookalike audiences? They are an effective way to ensure your ads are reaching the right types of prospects. But first… you need to understand how site retargeting works Site retargeting is an effective advertising method that allows businesses


The Importance of High Quality Creatives for Effective Digital Marketing

Designing quality creatives for a digital display advertising campaign

A great strategy without great creatives is like an unbaked cake. While all the ingredients are present – it won’t rise and be delicious until you’ve applied some heat. You may have an unbeatable offer and a great landing page but you need high quality creatives to inspire your customers to drive click-throughs. In this article we will explore what we know about ad creatives and how we can achieve success with excellent creatives. What we know about Ad Creatives: