Day in a Life of a Marketing Expert – Wayne Yates

8.00am – Alarm goes off

8.10am – Alarm goes off again

8.15am – Girlfriend wakes me up and tells me the alarm has been going off for the last 3 hours (clearly an exaggeration)

8.20am – I beg the Mrs to make me eggs on toast

8.30am – I make myself eggs on toast while watching the tv from the kitchen.

9.00am – 9.30pm – Getting ready for work, iron my shirt, wash my dishes, listen to music.

9.30am – 9.35pm – Beg the Mrs to give me a lift to work so I don’t have to catch the bus.

9.35am – 10.30am Commute to work (on the bus :-/ )

Who you sit next to is a bit of a lottery so due to my sensitive nose I try pick a person who looks like they are a frequent user of deodorant and has their headphones on (so they won’t try talk to me). Once I decide on a partner for my trip I normally like to listen to some upbeat music to amp myself up for work. I want to arrive to work in a winning mood so I do this by knocking out a few levels on Candy Crush.

10.30am – 10.45am – Coffee and Emails (Non Negotiable – Especially the coffee part)

Game face is on and copious amounts of coffee are consumed. It’s time to read my emails and organise my day which I have split into two buckets named ‘negotiables’ and ‘non-negotiables’. Essentially, what these terms mean are things that can be shuffled around and things that must happen at a set time.

10.45am 11.30am Adminy Activities Stuff (Non Negotiable)

Now that my day is sorted, it’s time to crack on with my first set of ‘non-negotiables’ which are my clients whose campaigns have gone down due to payment failure. It is crucial to contact these clients immediately because most of the time they are unaware the payment has failed. This is can sometimes happen because the allocated credit card may have expired or on the rare occasion there might be insufficient funds. As soon as I sort these out, it is back to business as usual and my affected clients are happy that their campaigns are up and running.

11.30am – 4.00pm (Meetings and Miscellaneous)

This time slot I like to schedule my meetings as it is 9.30am – 2.00pm in Queensland where 99% of my clients are based. I aim for early in the day because the capacity to learn and take on information  is great and I get lots of questions.This slot is prime time to speak with them about their campaign and have an engaged conversation.

When not booked out for meetings, I check on and review my clients’ campaign performances. It is also a great time to learn and do things like complete Google Exams, Bing Exams, internal and external certifications, E-learning, up-skilling, forecasting for the week/ month, and much much more!

Somewhere in between I fit in a quick bite to eat. Sushi is my favourite and I like to get get away from my desk for half an hour or so to eat with my team mates and have a laugh.

4.00pm – 5.00pm Collaborating with my Digital Marketing Consultant  (Non-Negotiable)

I support Steve who is a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Queensland. Our consultants are busy out on the road meeting clients face to face. So while Steve does that,  I make sure the clients that we service together have campaigns that are running effectively. I’m the go-to guy for our clients and run them through regular meetings on campaign performance or am the point of contact if anything needs to be escalated. Steve and I have a running sheet which I try to spend an hour going through to check off any tasks that he may have. We catch up weekly and use this sheet to plan agreed tasks that we enter into the list together. Collaboration is the key to not only our success as a team but also for our clients, making sure everything is running correctly for their campaigns. We have a great team dynamic which has taken a few months to fine tune. As our relationship has strengthened over time so has the relationship with our clients who have two dedicated experts to make sure their digital marketing is on point.

5.00pm – 6.00pm Call Block (Non Negotiable)

I pull myself a report out of corporate portal which is one of our systems we use for many things. However, for the purpose of this call block I am looking to see a complete view of when my client have been contacted. As part of our service here at ReachLocal, it is of the utmost importance that our clients are getting regular contact. This report shows me which clients are up next for getting contacted based on the last point of contact they have had. I then make myself a checklist to get in touch with clients to have chat around scheduling the next meeting.

6.00pm – 7.00pm (Where Negotiables Live)

This is my time slot I like to leave empty. I often find that a lot of my ‘negotiables’ end up here due to more pressing matters popping up in the day. Having this part of the day empty gives me the ability to shuffle, transform, and mold my evening into what I need in order to get all tasks completed. While it starts off empty at the beginning of the day, it is always full by 5pm.

7.00pm – 8.00pm (Reset – Non Negotiable)

Home to see my favourite human. Eat. Wash the day away. Clear my mind. Reset my brain.

9.00pm until Unconsciousness

Read or watch some TV, sometimes I watch youtube videos of people hurting themselves doing stupid stuff.

Wayne Yates,
Marketing Expert – Premium Accounts


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    Post more! Seriously, I am really digging what you have written so far. I’m scanning your blog right now for more things to read.

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