Digital Marketing Meets Billboards

Studies show that people who have seen an outdoor marketing campaign are 17% more likely to follow up and engage with that brand on mobile. 

Rather than debating whether to pool efforts and resources into digital marketing versus print advertising, it should be common practice for businesses to invest in both.  

So, what exactly are the benefits? 

#1 Reach 

With 72% of Australians travelling on roads to and from work and over 3.5 billion searches per day on Google, you’re bound to reach a more significant portion of the marketplace by using both online and offline media.

Offline media, like billboards, are great for driving traffic to your website and your other online presences. Following this, investment in digital advertising tools such as SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimisation) keeps you on the front page of relevant searches when people are looking for information and/or are ready to buy. 

In short, investing in both is an opportunity to cast a much wider audience net, in order to capture a greater number of people, in varying situations. 


#2 Impact and Conversion 

88% of people say that brands on billboards stand out to them, and 78% say that they notice outdoor advertising generally. 

But, how do customers follow up on information they’ve seen on a billboard?  

Digital marketing solutions provide a means of converting the billboard-generated leads into sales 

Let’s take the example of theatre companies that use both online and billboard advertising. A customer may be driving and notice a billboard for a new stage-play. The billboard creates the call-to-action, but it’s not until that same customer searches online that they can make an actual ticket purchase through the theatre company’s website.  


#3 Tracking ROI 

Billboards are often incredibly eye-catching, but the pitfall is that it’s near impossible to track your return on investment without using an online marketing solution.  

Digital marketing tracking platforms and tracking phone numbers are arguably the only way to quantifiably determine whether your billboard is generating results for your business. 

Balancing marketing efforts between online solutions and print media, like billboards, seems to be the recipe for success when it comes to increasing audience reach and analysing results by tracking the impacts of your advertising. 

Lisa-Marie Long

Lisa-Marie is a resident Jane-of-all-trades with an avid interest in Content and Services Marketing. She currently works as a Sales & Marketing Specialist and Office Manager for ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand, newly heading up blog content. When Lisa-Marie is off the clock, she's still a very busy bee, spending her time performing in musical theatre (*jazz hands*) and teaching English.

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