Our Favourite Digital Marketing Content From 2016

2016 was a big year marked by several events that took place around the world – from politics to the Olympics. It was also a big year in the world of digital marketing, especially for ReachLocal. Globally we released new products, won new awards and were acquired by Gannett. There’s no better time than January to reflect on some of the successes of the past, and be excited about what the future holds. We thought we’d take a look back in time at some of the content we shared in 2016. These articles are not just some of our personal favourites but also happen to be our most read and viewed articles from last year.

Early last year:

ReachLocal ANZ Wins Google AdWords Premier SME Partner Awards for Second Year Running

We started the year off with a bang! For the second year in a row, we had won three of the Google’s ANZ Premier SME Partner (PSP) Awards. We received the prestigious award for Highest Customer Service Satisfaction and were recognised for the Best Quality AdWords Accounts and Highest AdWords Account Performance Satisfaction. These awards truly represented our dedication towards delivering excellent customer service and top quality search engine advertising. This was a humbling achievement for our business which made us only want to deliver bigger and better products and services to our clients in the year ahead of us.

In March:

Google Changes its Desktop Search Results

Google changed the game as they always do. This was not something new or unusual in a fast paced industry like ours. The purpose of this change was to provide Google users more refined, accurate results for their search terms, especially when they use keywords with the intention of buying. We thoroughly monitored our clients’ campaigns and adjusted them as needed. Our software’s core function has been to optimise around the best page position for individual keywords, based on conversions to the website. We adapted quickly to make sure we continued to deliver the best results.

In May:

5 Digital Trends Transforming the Way We Use the Internet

Our mind was slightly blown by five Australian statistics that represented how rapidly the digital sphere was evolving. This article specifically explored the immense transformation of how we have been finding and consuming information since the era of internet. Each of the statistics signifies that we have become more deeply connected to the internet through our smartphones and devices than ever before!

In June:

ReachLocal Joins Gannett

This was a big deal for us. We were excited to announce we had agreed to be acquired by Gannett Co., Inc – a next-generation media company committed to strengthening communities across America and globally. Gannett’s leadership position meant that we’d be further enabled focus on our mission of helping businesses grow. Joining with Gannett meant that we could continue to increase our ability to innovate and create industry leading products and services that puts our customers’ businesses at a competitive advantage.

In August:

Automotive Client Successfully Drives Over 2000 Leads with Live Chat Solution

Throughout last year we celebrated the success of our clients. We did this through video testimonials, case studies and blog articles. In this particular article we looked at how our client, Phil Gilbert Motor Group, generated more than 2000 leads over the period of one year. Our client was impressed with our Total Live Chat solution which addressed the 30% of enquiries that were coming through to her business after hours. Seeing our clients thrive is what we love and there is no greater compliment than when our clients can confidently recommend us for the results we provided them.

All in all 2016 was an eventful year and we are excited to see what 2017 has in store. We hope you all have a wonderful start to this New Year. Stay tuned for our next article in which we’ll share digital marketing trends that we predict will be big in 2017. What we do know for sure is we’ll continue to deliver our best products and services to our clients this year.  


Nishtha Handa

Nishtha is the Content Marketing Manager at ReachLocal. She has experience in digital marketing, social media management, and content creation for small and medium businesses. She specialises in guiding businesses to improve their social media and digital marketing. When she's not writing about online marketing or researching the latest digital tips and trends, she's planning her next holiday destination, baking a cake or binge watching Netflix.

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