Finding A New Way To Angle Hot Issues

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The way you go about your blog and present your content is the difference between actually experiencing success or it just being a pipe dream. But the latter doesn’t have to be the case for your blog.

Instead of publishing content that has been done to death by everybody else, why not think outside of the box and offer your readers fresh and exciting content over tired old topics?

The key to achieving blog success is to find new ways to angle hot topics in your industry. Once you nail this, you can get creative. Here’s how:

Finding your angle: Before you even pick up your pen (or keyboard) and start writing, ask yourself whether your readers will find your proposed blog topic useful. Will they find the content informative, entertaining and interesting? If not, what’s missing so you can add it in.

Relevance: Why should your readers care about your post, let alone read about it on your blog? This will help give you a clearer idea about what it is about your post that’s important and what points should be emphasised.

Impact: Instead of just reporting an issue or relaying an event, think of how the actual content you’re going to publish will impact on your audience. Once you’ve found this, you can write from that angle and avoid writing down the run-of-the-mill path everybody else is taking.

Details: It’s not what you write; it’s how you write it. So pay attention to details because small details can really bring a blog post to life. Consider using a catchy blog post title and it’s even worthwhile to personalise your posts using life experiences and stories. Anecdotes are interesting, will add colour to your posts, and above all, create a common thread for your readers to relate to. Anecdotes can even be used to link to a current topic in the media or trends; hence, creating a new angle!

Go Local: Keep your blog posts close to home and in your readership’s interest where possible. This can be done by putting a local spin on national and international current affair stories in your industry.

Collective Intelligence: Ever considered collaborating with like-minded people in your industry? It’s beneficial to speak to other bloggers regarding hot information in your niche market. By brainstorming together, you can generate a wealth of new ideas and themes for upcoming blog topics. You may even want to do guest posts for each other’s blog, which can really paint you as a leader and authoritative source in your industry.

If all else fails and you just can’t seem to find a new angle to spice up a blog post using these tactics, then never fear. Not every idea is guaranteed to be a winner. Ditch it, move on and focus on how you can approach your next story with an innovative, hot angle.

Have you got any tips that you can share with us? Then feel free to post a comment below…


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