5 Ways for Your Business to Improve Online Customer Experience

Did you know poor customer service is estimated to be costing Australian Business $122 billion a year?

Customer service is much more than the final transaction between your business and customers. Your customers are engaging with you online – whether it’s through your ads, website or social media channels.

So what is the online customer experience like and how can you leverage it for your business? Here are five things you can do to help provide a positive online experience for your customers.

1. Have a User-Friendly Website

Your prospects and customers want to be able to navigate your website to find out what you do, where you’re located and how they can contact you. They also want to be able to view your website on their mobile or tablet. If your website doesn’t have this information readily available or isn’t mobile-friendly, they may leave your site. You could also consider adding live chat software so people can contact your business 24/7.

2. Make Sure Your Listings are Accurate  

Having consistent and correct information shared across listings such as Google My Business can provide your customers and prospects a positive experience when there are looking for details such as directions, contact number, address or hours of operation. Put a strategy in place for managing this information so it’s regularly updated. This will also help with SEO, which will make your business more discoverable online.

3. Ensure Your Paid Ads go to the Right Landing Pages

People click on ads because they’re interested in what’s being advertised. Make sure content and keywords from your ads are present on your landing page. This will also help with your Quality Score, which can decrease your cost per click and improve your ad placement.

4. Be Active on Social Media

An active social media presence can help you create a positive experience for your customers. People enjoy interacting with businesses on social sites and use it as a resource to see the latest updates, offers and what other people are saying.

5. Manage Your Online Reputation

Online review sites give users an outlet to share their positive experiences or vent their frustrations. It’s important to monitor these sites to see what customers are saying about your business and respond appropriately. Try to resolve issues for unhappy customers and use customer feedback to improve your business both online and offline.

In today’s digital world, your customers are interacting with your business online. Are you creating a positive experience for them across all of these online mediums? Approach your digital marketing through a customer-focused lens and think about how your customers are finding and interacting with you online.


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