Is Your Business Ready to Reopen?

Business owner considers if he is ready to reopen

As businesses eagerly prepare to reopen their doors to customers, one of the most important aspects they must address is how to best communicate their reopening plans to consumers. We’ve stressed before the importance of timely, relevant, consistent communication during the pandemic, and this should continue in any messaging you put out surrounding plans to reopen. Addressing and alleviating consumer health and safety concerns should be paramount. You want to inspire confidence among your customers, as well as promote your reopening. Once you have your message, be sure to update your online presence on all the following platforms. 

Prepare Your Website 

Prepare or draft updates for your homepage to feature information about your plans to reopen. Include health and safety information for staff and customers in Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have a live chat widget on your site, it’s a good idea to set an automated popup message  sharing the most pertinent reopening information. Be sure to update your chat script with correct details about opening days and times, so your customers will be given the most up to date information, however they choose to interact with your business. 

Schedule Posts for Social Media 

Be ready to reopen with a series of posts aimed to inform and excite your social media audience! Ensure you push out updates on every channel your business has a presence and continue to post regularly in the days and weeks following your reopening. Frequent communication will show potential customers that you are reopen for business and are actively addressing their needs. Show your excitement about reopening to your networks and be on-hand to respond and engage with any comments that come through on your posts in a timely manner. 

Update Your Businesses’ Online Listings 

We shared how to update your Google My Business and Facebook profile for ‘temporary closure’ at the beginning of the pandemic. Now you need to do the same thing in reverse! Make sure all your online listings reflect the days and hours of operation in line with your plans to reopen. Google My Business has sections for you to include additional information about your reopening, such as limits to the number of diners in a restaurant, details on how to make a reservation or appointment, or pickup and delivery arrangements that you might continue to offer while things slowly return to normal. The more information you can provide, the more confident a consumer will be to interact with your business. 

Be Ready When Your Time to Reopen Arrives 

Businesses are reopening in stages, in accordance with Government guidelines, and health and safety advice. Start planning now so you’re ready to reopen your business at the exact moment that you’re able to. For assistance from our digital marketing experts, contact us now, and check out our other insightful Covid-19 marketing resources and articles: 

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