Drive Leads With Live Chat Solution: How One Automotive Client Did It

Is one of your main digital marketing goals to drive leads? Here’s how our client, Phil Gilbert Motor Group, generated more than 2000 leads over the period of one year.

Rebecca Browne, Marketing Manager of Phil Gilbert, was looking to move her marketing strategy from traditional to online media. Her prospects and clients were using digital methods during the research process of buying a car. She knew she needed to evolve in order to provide them a positive user experience.

That’s why she got in touch with the team at ReachLocal regarding a live chat solution. This was relatively untapped amongst other car dealerships and she saw it as an opportunity that could assist her clients’ at all hours of the day. Our team took a look at what she was hoping to accomplish and set her up with our TotalLiveChat solution on the Phil Gilbert website.



Immediately Phil Gilbert saw results from TotalLiveChat and the ongoing support from their dedicated Digital Marketing Consultant.  Within the first month of using live chat – ReachLocal was able to demonstrate that 30% of enquiries were coming in after hours. Rebecca was extremely pleased to know that Phil Gilbert was successfully engaging users and were no longer missing out on enquiries that were happening outside of normal business hours.

They rapidly expanded their digital marketing strategies to incorporate Search Engine Advertising, SEO and Remarketing. Through these channels Phil Gilbert was able to reach more prospects at different points along the car-buying journey and offer their customers the information they needed at the time they wanted it.

What’s the one thing Rebecca particularly loves about TotalLiveChat? Phil Gilbert has had people turn into customers by engaging directly through live chat.

“We recently had a lead from a couple who were travelling in South Africa. Upon their return they purchased a vehicle from Phil Gilbert having used TotalLiveChat as their original source of contacting the dealership!”

Three Key Features of TotalLiveChat:

  • Immediately Engages Customers – agents monitor your website and provide a positive communication experience. They collect contact information about your customer and the products or services they are interested in, making it easy for you to follow them up.
  • Improved Customer Experience – live chat enables customers to connect with your business during and outside of working hours. Whether it is an enquiry about your products or services, hours of operation or location, live chat leaves prospects with a positive impression of your business. This makes them more likely to feel confident about leaving their contact information.
  • Track and Report Leads – after the chat dialogue has concluded and all relevant contact information is captured, you will receive an email summary of the conversation. You will be provided a comprehensive report about each lead obtained so that you can measure the success of your investment.


To hear more about how Phil Gilbert boosted their business with ReachLocal, watch the video testimonial here or download the full case study. If you would like to find out more about how our digital marketing solutions can assist your business, contact us today!


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