Measuring the Success of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising success can look different depending on the type of campaign you’re running and the marketing goals you’re trying to achieve. A successful Facebook campaign should align with the goals that you set.

Not sure how to measure success? Here are three ways you can track how your Facebook advertising campaign is performing.

1. Measuring Ad Views and Engagements

A simple way to track the success of your Facebook advertising is to look at the impressions (views), reach (people), and engagements your ad is driving. These can all be seen directly in Facebook ads manager and is a good place to get started. The parameters you set for your budget and audience targeting can impact how many people are seeing your ad. Your creative – i.e. message and image – can impact engagements such as likes, comments, and shares. These are features that you can adjust and amend. That’s why it’s important to review results regularly and modify these factors to test what might help your ad perform better.

2. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a difficult metric to measure because it’s not a direct driver of new leads or prospects. Rather, it’s a way to introduce customers and prospects to your business as they start out in the research phase of the buying cycle. A few ways you can measure whether your Facebook advertising is improving the perception of your brand include:

  • Surveying new contacts to see how they discovered your business.
  • Looking out for increased engagement on your Facebook page. If more people are interacting with organic posts or following your page on Facebook, this is a sign of increased brand awareness.
  • Noticing a spike in website visits. This can be a sign of increased brand awareness because people are seeing your business on Facebook and searching for your brand name or products/services on search engines.
  • Seeing increased impressions or clicks on your search engine ads can also be an indication of improved brand awareness for the same reason as noticing a spike in website visits.

3. Tracking Conversions and Leads

If generating leads is your goal then tracking ad conversions and new leads is a great way to directly correlate the success of your Facebook advertising campaign. It’s important to measure how many conversions your Facebook ad campaign is driving. For example, perhaps you’re running a Lead Ads campaign or driving users to your website to contact you; you would want to track the number of users who fill out a form or visit your website from clicking on your Facebook ad. Keep in mind, if you are sending traffic to your website, make sure you’re using the Facebook Pixel on your site to track visits as well as conversions and attribute them to your ads.

These are just a few DIY ways you can measure the success of your Facebook advertising campaign.  If you don’t have the time or resources to do this yourself, consider implementing Client Centre with Lead Engagement which will track not only your Facebook ads but also your entire digital marketing campaigns. Get in touch with us if you want more information about creating successful Facebook ad campaigns, share Facebook advertising success stories, or to learn more about our lead tracking software!


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