Local Business Marketing Experts: Meet the ReachLocal Team

ReachLocal is a place where smart, talented and hardworking digital marketers come together and share their passion for helping businesses reach more customers online. Our Marketing Experts are an example of one such group that is responsible for managing the Search Advertising campaigns of our clients. In this blog post, we’d like to introduce you to a handful of our Marketing Experts and share what they love about working at ReachLocal.


“I love the people I work with. I love the constant challenges. But the one thing I love the most which makes it all worth it is when I get that call from the client who is excited to tell me about how happy they are with our campaigns.”

Wayne has been working at ReachLocal for 2.5 years in a few different roles as a Marketing Insights Consultant, Inside Sales, and now a Marketing Expert for the past year. Previously he worked for Facebook Australasia specialising in the Facebook for Business Initiative.

Wayne is fantastic with people. He builds relationships with clients very quickly, and makes difficult conversations sound easy.


“I love the people and the culture. Everyone is friendly and approachable. I also love that there are always opportunities to upskill and learn about the digital marketing space.”

Madison has been at ReachLocal for 2 years. Previously she worked as a project services assistant at a (very corporate) law firm.  She much prefers the working environment at ReachLocal where she can be herself and apply a creative and intuitive approach to everyday work tasks.

I am always focused on generating value and achieving the best outcome for my clients. I like to think about how I would like to be treated and try to do the best by them. I like to challenge the status quo when I feel a process could be improved.


“I love the people. It’s so amazing to work with such a talented and multi-cultural team. I also love the fact that ReachLocal focuses a lot on people development. That really makes me feel valued.”

Nick has been with ReachLocal just over 6 months and feels that moving to ReachLocal was the right decision. He started his career as a web and graphic designer before moving to advertising where he developed most of his client servicing and project management skills at companies like Target Corporation and Ogilvy & Mather.

For most of my career I’ve worked in digital design and production. Now I work in digital marketing which completes the digital cycle. My favourite part of my role is campaign management. Improving campaign performance is what gives me the most satisfaction.



I absolutely love the people. The support and bond that ReachLocal colleagues have with each other is something that exists globally, and something I’ve never experienced in any other company. Everyone works together to make the dream happen!”

Kadie started at ReachLocal in February 2015, previous to that she worked for Auckland Transport in their customer service center.

“She always goes above and beyond – whether it’s for her clients or her colleagues” – fellow Marketing Expert



“Definitely the people and the team culture is what I love about working at ReachLocal. Plus the opportunity of working closely with a SMB client and watching their business grow because of the campaigns you have run for them. It’s really an awesome and fulfilling feeling.”

Naman has been working at ReachLocal for 4 months now, and prior to that he was the Digital Sales and Marketing Manager at My Natural Health Ltd.

The products and technology we have allow us to be the best in the digital marketing field and the personalised service that we can provide to our clients has allowed us to be the best retention digital agency in the market!



“The thing I love the most about working at ReachLocal is the team collaboration and culture which is at the core of everything we do in both client contact and in the office we work in. It feels good being part of a team who genuinely wants what is best for both the client and each other”

Chloe has been at ReachLocal for a little over a year – before this she was working in PR which taught her a lot about social media and the impact it can have on the overall marketing mix.

Chloe’s great attitude goes a long way!



We love the passion that our Marketing Experts have and are so proud of the work that they do! If you’d like to find out more about joining the ReachLocal Team follow us on LinkedIn!


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