Online Content Your Business Should Be Posting [Part 2] – Images

Types of Photos You Should Be Posting Now

Online or offline, images are an integral part of the stories we tell. You can see this just by visiting any website, social media platform or blog. Images are a vital part of the content and layout. With images such an important part of today’s online landscape, it’s imperative to create and use the right kinds of photos across your entire Web presence. Effective images can help drive action and engagement from customers and prospects on photo-sharing sites, directories, blogs, and social media pages. Here we delve into the types of photos you should be using to market your business online.

Product Images

There is a range of different product images you can use across your online marketing to drive clicks to your website, build engagement from customers and prospects, plus grow awareness of your business in your local area. Some examples of product images you should consider sharing include:

  • Best Selling Products: Do you have products that fans and current customers rave about? Highlight them on your social media profiles, website, and local directories with a small description on what makes them top sellers.
  • Before and After: Sharing side-by-side before and after photos of the results of your products or services can be a useful way to help potential customers visualise the value of your business. These illustrate the benefits of what you have to offer in a way that words may not be able to.
  • Happy Customers and their Comments: If your business has received handwritten notes from your happy customers, take a picture of them and utilise these to show positive feedback about your business. Always ask the customer who wrote the feedback for permission before you use their comments and hide any personal information like phone numbers or email addresses. To further humanise your brand consider asking happy customers to provide their photo to post along with a written review.


An infographic may take longer to put together than a photograph, but when done correctly, it can be a great tool for sharing information about your business or industry. For example, a Veterinarian practice could create an infographic showing how to de-flea and worm your dog. Or, a hairdresser could share an infographic that illustrates the top 5 fashionable hairstyles and how to create them at home. After you decide what content to feature in your infographics, you can either use one of several online infographic generator tools or hire a graphic designer to develop it for you. Then, simply post your infographic on your blog or social media platforms to drive engagement.

Quote Images

Quotes are great pieces of content to use in “snackable” images, and they are simple to make with photo editing programs or easy-to-use quote graphic tools. Consider using inspirational quotes that relate to your business or that your fans will appreciate, quotes from leaders of your company or short messages from happy customers and ensure you cite the quote’s author in the image itself. You could also use an attention grabbing line from a blog post to create a quote image that promotes your post on social media sites. Just make sure to include a link back to your original blog post in the photo description!


From Grumpy Cat to “Y U NO Guy”, you’ve likely come across a range of memes posted on social media. But have you thought of using these as part of your business’ content marketing? For example “Success Kid” Virgin Media used the adorable Success Kid meme on billboards in the U.K. to promote its HD channel offerings. There are many different types of memes to choose from but if you do decide to use one as part of your content marketing, make sure it’s not offensive or crude. You can also upload your own image to start your own meme.


Posting images featuring your company’s culture is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your employees and to your community. Do your employees volunteer at community events? Does your business sponsor a local animal shelter or sports team? If so, make sure you share photos of these events on your website, blog, and social media pages. You could discover that you have even more in common with your fans and create new support within your online community.

These are just some of the many types of images that you can post online to boost engagement with your brand and build your overall Web presence. What other types of images do you use as part of your content marketing strategy? Let us know in a comment!




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