Regular and Relevant Content – It Matters!

Often many businesses feel that they should only post content specific to their products or services on their social media pages. Social media is about engaging with your audience and providing a valuable opportunity to create and grow your relationships with customers. By actively posting a balanced mix of business, industry and fun content on social networks, your business can establish itself as an industry expert while providing a good online experience for current and potential customers. Regularly posting to Facebook doesn’t have to be difficult; especially with these ideas you’ll find it’s quick and easy!

Industry News

To establish your business as an industry expert, you need to stay current on industry news. This is also a great way to educate your customers about changes in the landscape of your industry. One way to stay up to date and have great articles to share is to create a Google Alert. Google will send you an email each day on the topics you’re interested in. For example, a Childcare Centre could create an alert about toy recalls, and whenever toy recalls are mentioned, they’ll receive an email alert with a link to the article. They can then post the article to Facebook to keep parents informed.

Holidays, National Days and Local Events

While good wishes for a Happy Easter is a great post idea, it only comes around once a year. There are a lot of daily events that can create the opportunity to engage with your social media audience. For example, 5th February was World Nutella Day! Even if your business has nothing to do with Nutella, everyone still loves Nutella and the opportunity to talk about it! You could also share information on local events that might be about to take place in your community. Creating social media content can be as easy as a quick post that your audience can engage with and encourages them to comment or share a picture, will create more visibility on the post, and in turn, your business!

Tips and Trivia

Tips and trivia posts are quick, easy, and highly shareable. They can be tips related to your business, such as landscaping tips for a turf company. Don’t get too focused on always relating back to your business. It’s okay to keep things fun and light on social media, so consider sharing images along with your tips and trivia. Your Facebook audience will be drawn towards more visually-appealing posts, and images have higher sharing rates.

The key is to be relevant and regular. Think about how you engage on social media and what you would find interesting. Utilise your channels as a way to socialise and form connections with your audience. You wouldn’t start a conversation and then drop off for a couple of weeks or even months. Set yourself a goal of posting weekly rather than being sporadic so that you stay top of mind.


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