Why Reporting Matters When it Comes to Digital Marketing

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and forgotten to check if you’d won?

Successful digital marketing is like winning the lottery. If you don’t check your results you may never know how well you did or are doing.

Here are three reasons why you need comprehensive, regular reporting to compliment your digital marketing strategy.

Never Miss A Lead

By regularly monitoring the performance of your digital marketing campaigns you will have complete transparency of metrics like ad impressions, click through rates, site visits, calls, and web events. Access to this data means that you can make sure calls were answered and web events were followed up. This information is invaluable to businesses as the last thing you want is for customers to have a poor experience when trying to engage with your business. Use your reporting as feedback on your marketing and sales effectiveness.

Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From

The primary goal from digital marketing campaigns for most small and medium businesses is getting more calls and leads. Having a complete search engine advertising, organic and website strategy in place will help you meet that goal. But, it’s equally important to know exactly where all your marketing leads are coming from and which marketing tactics are delivering actual customers – not just clicks or visits to your site.

Manage Your Marketing Budget

Regular digital marketing reports will give you clear campaign visibility, especially of your marketing budgets and spend. In addition to this, if you know where your leads and customers are coming from, you will know what’s working. With this knowledge you can build out further strategies, investing in the areas that provide your business the best return on investment.  For example, if you notice that the majority of your enquiries were coming from your Facebook page, you can allocate more budget to Facebook advertising and spend more time building up your Facebook page.

To know what’s working has become increasingly important. As more small and medium sized businesses actively advertise in as many places as possible, the real factor in measuring success is if can track your leads. You’d want to know if you had won the lottery right?

If you’re unsure of how to get started with managing the reporting for your digital marketing, we can help. ReachEdge, our lead tracking software, shows which marketing channels are driving customers to your business so that you can focus your strategies to meet your business goals. Click here to find out more.


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