Retargeting Tactics You Need for Digital Marketing Success

You may already be running search advertising to get your business in front of relevant searchers. But, what are you doing beyond that to keep your business top of mind?

Retargeting is the perfect complement to PPC, especially if your business offers products or services with a longer buying cycle.

Here are three targeting tactics you should consider adding to your marketing mix.

Site Retargeting

Site retargeting allows you to show your ad to consumers once they leave your website. With site retargeting, a pixel is dropped on visiting traffic, and then once they leave your site, your banner ad will appear in front of them on other sites they’re browsing. This gives you a way to essentially follow them around the internet, keeping you top of mind.

Search Retargeting

Search retargeting piggybacks on certain search engine queries so you can target relevant searchers in a specific area. Picture this: You’re a vet clinic running search retargeting. Someone searches for “vet near me,” and clicks on a few different options then starts searching for something else. They didn’t even click on your website or paid ad, but they start seeing display ads for your business as they shop around the web. This allows you to capture a site visitor who may have previously missed your business on search engines.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook retargeting works the same as site retargeting but refers to where users will see your ad. Instead of seeing your retargeted ad on various websites, they would see your ad while they’re browsing Facebook. This allows you to get in front of consumers on social media, where they’re spending a large amount of time.

Retargeting is a natural addition to your marketing efforts and can help you get more visitors to your website, which can, in turn, convert them into a customer. Learn more on our website.


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