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Search Advertising

Nowadays, searching for products and services is easier than ever.  Often the first thing we do when we want to know, go, do or buy something is “Google” it. With that, Search presents a great opportunity for businesses to be there in the moment when potential customers are actively looking. Search Advertising is the most effective way to drive traffic to your website with 63% of people searching for businesses clicking on a paid ad. Advertising is the first step, however just showing up isn’t enough.   

Watch our short video to understand how our ReachSearch solution can help you to achieve more through your Search Advertising campaign.

 If you’d like some help getting a Search Advertising campaign set up, get in touch today!   

Sherlie Liesthedi

Sherlie is a creative enthusiast with an interest in Social Media and Content Marketing. She currently works as a Marketing and Communication Assistant at ReachLocal Australia and New Zealand. When she is out of the office, her perfect day starts with riding the waves at sunrise, time out at the beach, and followed by quality time with friends and family.

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