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ReachLocal Reviews Sentinel Self Storage

ReachLocal has given Sentinel Self Storage an improved understanding of how to track their marketing ROI results, which means the business can now effectively tailor their advertising to suit them. Managed by Ossie Symonds, Sentinel Self Storage consists of two self-storage outlets, one in Bassendean and the other in Maddington, WA. The principle aim of Symond’s business is providing access for people to store their belongings in a safe, secure and waterproof area.

The ReachLocal lead tracking service TotalTrack allows Symonds the ability to listen to all incoming phone calls their staff are responding to. He uses this service to train staff, who can also listen to these calls in order to learn and improve on their telephone techniques. The range of data provided by ReachLocal via their reporting portal ReachCentral, which includes figures such as web page hits and lead emails received, has been critical in allowing Sentinel to gauge their future marketing requirement.

An additional tool is the ReachLocal Mobile App, which allows businesses to track their reporting without having to be in the office or in front of a computer. Symonds loves the fact he can be anywhere but still able to instruct staff and give them more exposure to the marketing information that they’ve received.

Their ReachLocal Internet Marketing Consultant has been dedicated to Sentinel Self Storage for about 2 to 3 years. Symonds says ReachLocal’s attention to their needs in excellent, and that their IMC understands their marketing requirement in depth.

Sentinel Self Storage spend on average $1800 per month on their ReachSearch campaign. They receive around 50,177 impressions and 517 site visits each month, as well as about lead 30 phone calls and 60 web events and emails. The average sales value for Sentinel is $1200, so with 70 qualified leads coming in every month at a cost per lead of $25, it’s easy to see a great return on investment.

Mr Symonds happily recommends the ReachLocal services to anyone looking to gain greater control of their marketing ROI. ReachLocal have been extremely reliable and consistently deliver on Sentinel’s marketing goals.


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