Three Features of Lead Ads That Will Generate More Business For You!

Recently we introduced you to Facebook Lead Ads, our unique form of advertising that can help you generate leads right from Facebook News Feeds. But how exactly does this type of social media advertising work to generate more business?

Here are three things to know about running Lead Ads on Facebook to generate more business:

  1. Convert A Lead in Two Taps

“I love filling out forms” – said no one ever! But forms are pretty important for capturing information!

That’s why one of the best things about Lead Ads is that it makes it simple for people to submit an inquiry form directly from within your Facebook ad. When a user clicks on your ad’s Call-to-Action, they see a form that is already populated with contact information they’ve provided to Facebook. With one more tap, they’re done! They will save time and effort filling out details like their name and email address and can submit their inquiry to your business without leaving Facebook. This can mean an increase in conversions for your business.


  1. Customise the Information You Want to Capture

In order to get the most relevant and detailed information from your leads, you can customise the form questions when setting up your Lead Ads campaign. For instance, if you own a car dealership, you may want to create a form field that asks users what type of vehicle they’re looking for. The ability to customise some of your fields allows you to collect details that will help you determine the quality of the lead and follow up with the exact information they’re looking for.

  1. Deliver Facebook Leads Directly to Your Inbox

When you run a Facebook Lead Ads campaign with ReachLocal, your leads are sent straight to your email inbox. This means you can check out the opportunity without logging into Facebook, and can follow up even faster. If you use our lead tracking software – ReachEdge, your Facebook leads are also delivered to your ReachEdge inbox. This allows you to manage your Facebook contacts, along with your other marketing leads, from one central dashboard.

Lead Ad campaigns are a powerful tool that provide an effortless user experience on Facebook and give businesses an opportunity for capturing people on both desktop and mobile. This type of campaign is ideal for capturing general details as well as additional behavioural information from your users. If you’d like to learn more about Facebook advertising, or any of our other digital marketing solutions visit our website.

Nishtha Handa

Nishtha is the Content Marketing Manager at ReachLocal. She has experience in digital marketing, social media management, and content creation for small and medium businesses. She specialises in guiding businesses to improve their social media and digital marketing. When she's not writing about online marketing or researching the latest digital tips and trends, she's planning her next holiday destination, baking a cake or binge watching Netflix.

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