Tips to Build Your Social Media Presence

Tips To Build Your Social Media Presence

Having a strong presence on social media is vital for a modern business to thrive. Channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a great place to refine your brand representation and engage with both current and potential customers. You are also able to establish your credibility and reach out to people who want to hear about your business. With these tips, you can build your social media presence with and engaged audience.

  1. Have a Plan for Your Social Media

Before you begin creating your social media profiles, you need to think about what you want to gain from having a social media presence for your business. Creating a plan can assist you in reaching your end goal through social media, and will help you build your. The plan should consist of goals. Do you want to inform customers about upcoming deals? Do you want to build an engaged online audience? Do you want to generate leads by driving special social traffic to your website or landing pages? Having these goals clearly listed will help you stay on track, and not drift away from the purpose of having social media for your business.

  1. Establish Your Brand Identity on Social Platforms

Defining your brand’s identity on your social media platforms is an important way to tie your social media into your marketing and brand strategy. Your photos, logos, descriptions and business information should be consistent across your entire web presence, including websites, local listings and social sites. By doing this, your customers can get a stronger sense of your business’s message and goals, making it easier for them to see how their needs align with your business.

  1. Publish Timely, Relevant Content

There are two main groups of content posted to social media. They include the blog posts, videos and testimonials that your business creates, and there is the content that you share which has been created by others. You should always try to balance both to build relevance. The content you post or share should be relevant to your business and customers.

  1. Cultivate a Community

Social media offers a way to create a community around your brand or business. Customers will come back to your website, and it is important to reward this loyalty. Being an active part of your businesses online community can help customers engage with you, where they can ask questions and provide reviews and recommendations. Creating a sense of identity for customers or followers of your business will make them feel invested and proud to be supporting you.

  1. Engage with Other Businesses, Brands, and Social Media Users

It is important to be a part of ongoing conversations relevant to your business or industry online. On your website or blog, you can post about other businesses and what they are doing; this can help you build relationships with relevant businesses, which may be of help to your business in the future. This can be easily done through social media site such as Twitter, as you could re-tweet posts from similar businesses. This can also help the business with more potential customers, as the other businesses followers can see that you re-tweeted their post.

  1. Take Advantage of Analytics

Once you have made some posts to social media, check what posts were popular, read comments, as this will help you in posting to these social sites in the future. Use the comments to improve posts and make them more appealing to customers. If customers comment on what they like and do not like about the website or post, it will help you improve your next post.  Most major social media platforms offer on-site analytics, and use a universal monitoring program to help you keep track of results, mentions, and other important metrics.

It can also be beneficial to try experimenting with posts. Try posting at different times of the day, on different days, and take note of whether they were more or less successful. This can also help you know when most of your customers are online using social media, and therefore will be more likely to see the post.

Building your social media presence is an important part of online marketing for today’s local businesses. How does your social presence stack up? What else would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in a comment!


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